The Wicca religion is an Earth based one,and they incorporate many different symbols into their rituals and practices. Wicca’s use many symbols to represent the different deities they worship, among other things. Some of these symbols include:

The Pentagram or Pentacle is perhaps the most important symbol used by Wicca’s. It represents the four basic elements (water, air, fire, wind). Its usage is for protection, to draw energy toward you, or banish it.

Amulets made of amethyst or quartz, as well as other gemstones, for an added source of protection, for good luck, to promote good energy, or for their natural healing qualities.

Ankh, the Egyptian cross, symbolizes a mythical eternal life, rebirth, and the life giving power of the sun.

The Horned God represents the male aspects of the dual deities of Wicca.

Circles are an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the Goddess, and female power. Many Wicca’s consider it their main symbol for transmitting the energy of the Goddess.

The Crescent Moon indicates the aging Goddess or Crone, who is held in high regard by all Wicca’s.

Symbols of the four basic elements are considered the first two passive and feminine, (water and earth), while the other two are active and masculine (air and fire). In Wicca rituals, the quartered circle represents a ‘sacred space’ or the ‘sacred earth’.

The Triquetra represents the three aspects of the moon: waxing, waning, and full. As well as the three stages of a woman’s life: mother, maiden, crone.

A Hexagram or Six Pointed Star represents the ‘divine mind’ to Wicca’s and other occult groups.

Wicca’s use the Besom or broom in many of their rituals, including their wedding or hand fasting ceremonies. The newly married couple jumps over the broom to solidify their vows when they cross the threshold of their new home.

In addition to these symbols, Wicca’s use an assortment of traditional tools to perform their spells or rituals. Among these are the:

The Athame is a basic symbol of Wicca, as well as an altar tool. It is used symbolically to cut through deceit and decipher truth, or represents the ability to change or dissipate unwanted options in a particular situation.

A Chalice represents the Great Goddess, or the sacred femininity.

Wicca’s use a ‘three legged pot’ or ‘cauldron’ to hold the key components of a spell, while they are performing the ritual.

Other symbolic objects include colored candles, stones, and flowers.