Radio Programming
Wendy Mills
RA-TV 150
February 13, 2001

The first radio program that I listened to was All Things Considered on channel KUOP 91.3. This program is formatted to air hot topics that are going on in the world around us. It doesn’t limit itself to what is aired or by whom. It allows important topics like the bombing in Iraq, the Inauguration fiasco, and President Bush’s view on the abortion issue. It opens up discussions and allows common people to openly state their opinions on the topic being discussed at that time.

Next I went onto the site and did some exploring of programs that were put out in other countries and found one I liked called The American Forces Network Europe. It is a program that mixes stateside radio and television entertainment with programming produced in Europe. AFNE breaks with tradition in its programming so that it can bring to people in the armed forces up to date on events that are happening all over the world, while still keeping them informed on what’s going on where they stationed.

Lastly the program I listened to was Classical Music on KUOP 91.3. This program is formatted to give listeners and hour of easy listening enjoyment of music that was arranged, conducted and played by some of the great classical composers: Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.

I think that public radio is more informative than commercial. It tells people about what is going on in their country, as well as what’s going on in other countries. Hot topics of interest are brought to the attention of the listeners and hosts encourage them to air their opinions on said issues. It also airs culturally organized programs filled with music, poetry and commentary that commercial radio doesn’t air.

Commercial radio is formatted to sell music, products that are endorsed by celebrities or to relate the newest gossip on celebrities. Local news is aired in brief segments to prevent listeners from changing the station or turning off the radio. Music is selected not for its positive enrichment value, but what is most popular or has a higher commercial value to it.

I believe allowing corporations to take over a large amount of smaller stations is wrong, in that it will limit people’s right to be informed of what’s going on in the worlds around them. Too many of the other forms of media have been taken over by such corporations and ten to be one sided int heir coverage of important issues.

Public radio is one of the only unbiased forms of media that still allows people to voice their opinions on important issues without fear of being ridiculed or made to feel inferior by what they feel. To allow public radio to fade away would be a great injustice to all who credited it for keeping them informed on world events.