The Thunderstorm
When I woke up this morning, I was surprised to see how dark the bedroom was. It was so dark I thought that it was still the middle of the night. Not even a single beam of light drifted through the slits in the blinds that hung from the window. I glanced over at the digital alarms clock on the nightstand and read the neon pink numbers. Nine O’clock. I climbed out of bed and slipped into a faded flannel robe and went over to the window. I lifted up the blinds and peered anxiously outside.

Instead of the crystal blue sky and soft marshmallow clouds that was a common sight for native Californians; there were black sinister looking clouds blocking out the sun and casting gloomy shadows on everything. I watched as the clouds began to form into one huge mass in the center of the sky. At any moment it looked like it would burst open and send down a torrent of water below.

As a small child I had often been so frightened by thunderstorms I would hide under the covers. I would imagine that two great cloud Kings were preparing their gigantic armies for a fierce battle for each other’s cloud kingdoms. Thunder was the sound of their cannons going off and lightning bolts were their guns.

Now as I made myself comfortable on the soft cushions I was excited. Shivers of anticipation raced down my spine as I waited for it to begin. Long ago I had put away my childhood fears and now enjoyed watching the amazing shows. I hoped that I didn’t have long to wait and was rewarded with the first crackle of thunder.

Lightning flashed against the dark backdrop of the morning sky and illuminated everything for several seconds. Crisscrossing blue and white lights flashed against each other as if they were two soldiers fighting with swords. I watched in fascinated for several moments. Each show was better than the last.

On an impulse I opened the window. Cool air drifted inside and made me curl my bare toes beneath the hem of my robe. The smell of moist earth and flowers was mixed with the mustiness of rain. The pungent fragrance of my rose garden filled my nose and made me sneeze. I imagined touching their velvety petals and rubbing them across my cheeks. I wondered what it would feel like to lay upon a pile of rose petals and take a nap.

Small drops of water fell onto my face as the sky opened up and rain began to fall. It came softly at first and I couldn’t resist sticking out my tongue and catching some drops on it. The warm, salty drop made me thirsty. As the rain began to come down faster and faster I closed the window. I sat there for most of the day and enjoyed the thunderstorm.