Wendy Mills
Speech Com 102
February 10, 2004
Speech Night Critique

The speaker that I enjoyed most was Claire Donahue. I thought that she did an amazing job at piecing together a worktable speech out of the few subjects that she was thrown by the audience. Her delivery was perfectly timed and she appeared to have been totally relaxed up on the stage, in front of so many people. She gave a good argument that made sense and didn’t feel the need to fill empty spaces with clutter phrases.

The person that I would have to say that I liked the least was Nathan Royer. Maybe it was just the subject that he was speaking about that didn’t particularly interest me, but I thought it was very boring and given in a flat manner. While he did appear to have stage presence, I noticed that he wasn’t quite so calm and in control of what he was doing or saying. There were quite a few times that I heard him use the clutter word ‘um’.

As for who believed won the debate. I would have to say that I thought that the opposing team did the better job of persuading the audience with their information and reasoning against illegal aliens being allowed to have drivers licenses. I have friends who are on both sides of the fence so to speak, or they know somebody who isn’t exactly a legal citizen of the United States. Like most Americans I welcome new people to our country, but with the understanding that they need to uphold the laws that our government has set.