Wendy Mills
Staff Reporter

Service to others high priority for Modesto Junior College campus club.

The Able/Disabled Association of Modesto Junior College was established on the MJC East Campus in 1976. It was initially started to make things more user friendly for disabled students on campus, as well as in the community, and is directly responsible for getting Dial-a-Ride set up. Membership then, and now, included the students with a variety of disabilities, as well as non-disabled students. It is an organization that has several goals: to sensitize non-disabled persons both on campus and in the community to the physical and emotional needs of people with disabilities, to encourage the development of human potential to all facets of life, to function as an advisory group to the coordinator of disability services at the college and to sponsor social and recreational activities.

“Our main purpose is to help students on campus and out in the community as well,” said Elsa McCoy, current president of the club.

While McCoy was only recently elected president of the club, she has been a member of it for two years. She hopes to carry on the good work of her predecessor Rene Jay, whose leadership abilities led the club to be voted ‘Best Club” on campus three years ago. One way to do this is by making sure that club members stay active in a variety of fundraising activities. They have hosted a White Elephant Sale, baked goods, sold pastrami sandwiches, flowers and coffee mugs.

“Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the members of Able/Disabled gifted four needy families with food baskets, “said club advisor, Molly Boyott. Boyott is proud of the club member’s dedication to helping others.

“I’ve been a member for about five years,” said Chris Rowton, 44, a Human Services major. “I returned to school after to further my education. A friend of mine introduced me to the club.” After being brain damaged in a severe car accident eleven years ago, Rowton has had to learn to rely on other people to help him through his every day life. What better way than to get involved in a club whose main purpose is to help others? “I got involved because it was really important to me to help others. To give back to the community some of the help I’ve received in my personal life.”

Soon the club will be presenting a $300 check to the Salvation Army earmarked for the new homeless shelter that opened up recently on South ninth Street. Profits from upcoming events will be set aside to buy food and presents for Easter Baskets the club plans to present to women and their children at a local women’s shelter.

The club meets bi-weekly during the fall and spring semesters. Meetings are held in room 100 of the electronics building from 12:30 p.m. To 1:30 p.m. A small membership fee per semester is required. For more information about the Able/Disabled club call Disability Services at 575-6225.