5 Signs You May Be a Writer

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I thought this was a really interesting article about writers and thought I would share it here.

5 Signs You May Be A Writer – And 3 That You’re Not

Writers have certain habits. Not all, but most of us do. Compared to our friends and family, we do things that others may look at and roll their eyes. What are some of your habits? Are there things that you find yourself doing that your non-writing friends don’t? I came across this great little article by Chantelle Atkins, author of several novels. Here are five that really resonated with me:

Your concentration is variable. Sometimes it is like a dog with a bone, fixed and savage, eyes narrowed, teeth clenched, hands like claws, fingers pounding at the keyboard. Nothing can break you. You keep going until your back aches and your neck cricks and your bladder protests. Other times you are in and out, like clouds in the sky, drifting and aimless. This is because people want your attention and your mind is somewhere else. Sometimes it is because words, images, and voices are forming and joining in your head. You have to sit back and be patient. Don’t try to force it.

You can’t sleep at night. Your head is full of it all. All of the time. It is relentless. Their voices are getting louder. They are drumming at your door. Kicking their feet against the wall. Moaning and whining. They want their turn. When is it going to be their turn? They’ve told you so much now. You know what they look like. You know what they sound like, how they speak, what slang they use, what their mannerisms are. You know their stories and their dilemmas. You just want to get some sleep! But you can’t, not until it is done. Not until things are settled. They are in control and they know it.

Inspiration comes at strange and wonderful times. Dialogue springs into your head. Characters grow and change, becoming more real. They sneer and jostle and roll their eyes and seep inside your consciousness. Plot twists you never knew you were capable of dreaming up. Oh my God! Where did that come from? Who would have thought? But of course…that would be brilliant…that would work, that would tie in and make sense…and then…and then…You have to get home quick. You need a pen. A phone to tap into. Anything. You must not forget. You must not lose it!

You people watch. You don’t know you are doing it. It is not on purpose. You are often a loner, an introvert, someone who carries things around, cradles them inside until writing sets them free. You think people are not for you, not really. But they are. Because they are the life and soul of the stories. And they are everywhere, doing what people do. They are sloshing drinks and swearing under their breath. They are wiping oil stained fingers down their shirt. They are sighing in the queue at the store,  biting their lips with some secret unknown worry. They are shiny with sweat, frantic with unrealized dreams and potential. They have whiskered chins and nicotine fingers, fat thighs, and newspapers rolled under arms, they have backpacks and are going somewhere, but where and why? They pass you on the street, they look through you, they are chatting on the phone, they are always living lives, secret and unknown. They could be anyone. They could have a story.

You stare into space. You gaze out of windows. You fall into trances. You drift away. Reality jerks you back. People get impatient and roll their eyes. Get your head out of the clouds, they said when I was young. They told me to stop daydreaming. Don’t stop daydreaming.

Of course, the biggest sign is that you actually write! I love how Chantelle describes some of these. Some of these are habits that were supposed to be frowned upon going through school. Focus more. Pay attention. All forms of criticism generalized for the public. However, if you’re finding yourself engaging in any of these, don’t listen to the naysayers. Get out a pen. Open up a document on your computer. Simply start writing.

As you do, don’t forget there are some habits and signs that you want to stay away from. Here are three signs you should pay close attention to. The good thing is that you can change some of these habits for the better:

SOURCE:5 signs You Might be a Writer

What Writers Write

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As a writer myself, I often wonder how some of my favorite writers go about writing….anything from what are their favor times of day to write, whether they listen to a certain kind of music or like it entirely quiet when they write, how many words a day  they write, what sort of things peak their interests etc…so when I came across this article about what a number of famous authors felt about their  individual ‘word counts’, I found it interesting, so I thought I would share the link here as well.

Word Counts of 39 Famous Writers