Books By Or About Helen Keller, her Teacher and Family.

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Books by or About Helen Keller, her Teacher and Family

Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson, Wendy Watson

Helen Keller’s Teacher by Margaret Davidson, Wayne Blickenstaff

The Story of my Life by Helen Keller

Who Was Helen Keller? By Gary Thompson and Nancy Harrison

Helen Keller by Stewart Graff, Wayne Alfano, and Polly Anne Graff

Helen Keller:A Life by Dorothy Herrmann

Helen Keller by George Sullivan

Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller by Sarah Miller

Helen Keller in Love by Rosie Sultan

The Story of Helen Keller by Lorena A. Hickok

Helen Keller by Lin Cau Cing, Klara Slauw

Helen Keller:Courage in the Dark by Johanna Hurwitz, Neverne Covington

A Picture Book of Helen Keller by David A. Adler, John Wallner, and Alexandra Wallner

Rebel Lives:Helen Keller by by Helen Keller, John A. Davis, Ocean Press

I am Helen Keller by Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos

Helen Keller by Jane Sutcliffe

Helen’s Big World: The Life of Helen Keller by Doreen Rappaport and Matt Tavares

A girl Named Helen Keller by Margo Lundell and Irene Trivias

Helen Keller by Lesley Garrett

Books by or about Anne Frank and Her Family and The People Who Helped Them

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Books by or about Anne Frank and Her Family and The People Who Helped Them

The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank

Tales from The Secret Annex by Anne Frank

Anne Frank Remembered:The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family by Miep Gies

Anne Frank:Beyond the Diary-A Photographic Remembrance by Ruud van der Rol

Anne Frank by Melissa Muller

My Name is Anne, She Said, Anne Frank by Jacqueline van Maarsen

Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife by Francine Prose

The Story of Anne Frank by The Anne Frank House

Roses From The Earth:The Biography of Anne Frank by Carol Ann Lee

Hannah Goslar Remembers:A Childhood Friend of Anne Frank by Alison Leslie Gold

Anne Frank and her Family by Otto Frank

We All Wore Stars: Memories of Anne Frank from Her Classmates by Theo Coster

Anne Frank: Her Life in Words and Pictures From The Archives of the Anne Frank House by Menno Metselaar

Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography by Sid Jacobsen

Annexed by Sharon Dogar

The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank by Willy Lindwer

The Hidden Life of Otto Frank by Carol Ann Lee

Edith’s Story by Edith Velmans

The Story of Anne Frank by Mirjam Pressler

The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich

Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust by Carol Ann Lee

Treasures From the Attic:The Extraordinary Story of Anne Frank’s Family by Mirjam Pressler

Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend by Alison Leslie Gold

Anne Frank: A Hidden Life by Mirjam Pressler

The Anne Frank House Amsterdam by Marko Kassenaar

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam by Liesbeth Heenk

The Diary of Anne Frank:The Revised Critical Edition by Anne Frank

Anne Frank by Ruud van der Rol

The Footsteps of Anne Frank by Ernst Schnabel

Anne Frank Unbound:Media, Imagination, Memory by Barbara Kirschenblatt-Gimblett

Anne Frank:Reflections of her Life and Legacy by Hyman Aaron Enzer

Anne Frank:Silent Witnesses:Reminders of a Jewish Girl’s Life by Ronald Wilfred Jansen

Margot by Jillian Cantor

Victor Kulger:The Man Who Hid Anne Frank by Rick Kardonne

Anne Frank in the World: Essays and Reflections by Carol Ritter

Anne Frank in the World by by Joke Kniesmeyer

Dear Cara: Letters From Otto Frank:Anne’s Father Shares His Wisdom by Cara Weiss Wilson

Inside Anne Frank’s House:An Illustrated Journey Through Anne’s World by Anne Frank House

The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank by Ellen Feldman

Anne Frank and Me by Cherie Bennett

Who Was Anne Frank? By Ann Abramson

Anne Frank: Dreaming, Thinking, Writing by Anne Frank House

Love, Otto: The Legacy of Anne Frank by Cara Weiss Wilson

Otto Frank by Jesse Russell

Inheriting Anne Frank by Jacqueline  van Maarsen

Mooie-Zinnenboek by Anne Frank

Shadow Life: A Portrait of Anne Frank and Her Family by Barry Denenberg

The Diary of Anne Frank:Interpretations by Harold Bloom

An Obsession with Anne Frank:Meyer Levin and The Diary by Lawrence Graver

The Stolen Legacy of Anne Frank:Meyer Levin, Lillian Hellman, and the Staging of the Diary by Raplh Melnick

The Obsession by Meyer Levin

Dreams of Anne Frank: A Play for Young People by Bernard Kops.

Janette Oke

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Janette Oke is a Canadian author who writes  inspirational novels. She was born in 1835, and as of 2016, has published 75 novels.  Most of her books are set in the pioneer era and are centered on female protagaonists. Her first series, Love Comes Softly were adapted into movies for the Hallmark Channel.   The Hallmark Channel original tv series, When Calls The Heart, is adapted from Oke’s Canadian West series.

Louisa May Alcott

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Louisa May Alcott was an American author. She was born in 1832 and died in 1888. She is best known for her books Little Women, Little Men, Jo’s Boys, Eight Cousins, etc. But long before she actually wrote Little Women, Louisa was writing short stories, poems, plays which she submitted to various newspapers and magazines under the pseudonyms Flora Fairfield and A.M. Barnard.


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A Star Wars AU Fanfic


Goshyn watched as Jaina left the common area in the company of her family, before heading to his own quarters aboard the Errant Venture. The evening had ended on a much pleasanter note than it had begun. He had attended the celebration of Ben Skywalker’s birth with much trepidation. He was a bit of a loner, due partly because he had always been alone, but also because his fellow Jedis still treated him with suspicion and wariness.

Even though he had trained with many of the Knights, and now fought beside them, they questioned his loyalty and devotion to the lightside of the Force. He had become accustomed to their stares and disdain, and didn’t allow their actions to trouble him too much.

He had long since come to terms with his mixed lineage. He embraced both his half-human and half-Zabrak sides and was not ashamed of who he was. He was a Jedi. He had chosen the lightside of the Force and was determined to show everyone that he was as good as they were.

So he had gone to the celebration, out of respect for both Masters Skywalkers, but had only planned to stay for a few moments. Seeing Jaina Solo had changed that. She had been holding her infant cousin, and something about the nurturing way she did, had struck something within him. He had known her as a fierce fighter and hotshot pilot, and a gifted Jedi as well. But tonight for the first time, he had seen her as a woman. A beautiful, nurturing, and graceful woman, who had decided that he was worthy of getting to know.

Now, as he reached his quarters and keyed the door open, all he could think about was Jaina. He wondered if she had felt something for him other than compassion as they danced around the others gathered in the common room.

Goshyn removed his lightsaber, stripped out of his soiled clothing and hit the refresher. After a hot shower, he stretched his weary body out on the bed, and willed himself to sleep. Moments passed though, and he found that despite his weariness, his mind was too busy for him to sleep.

He decided to take a stroll around the ship, hoping that doing so would calm his mind enough to enable him to go to sleep.

Part 2

Jaina was aware of not only Goshyn’s eyes upon her, but Kyp Durron’s as well. She hadn’t been aware that Kyp had arrived on the Errant Venture, until she spotted him as she and her family left the celebration to turn in for the night. She had seen him rise from where he had been seated with some other Jedis, and move across the room to intercept her leaving it and had hastened her pace. She had no desire to see or converse with him, and Jacen must have sensed that, as he suddenly wheeled around from his place beside her, and moved to intercept Kyp, halting the other Jedi’s progress toward her.

She had sent her gratitude to Jacen through the Force for his action, as she continued on to her quarters. She knew that she would have to eventually talk to Kyp, but she just wasn’t ready to yet. She bid her parents, aunt and uncle, Anakin and Tahiri good night and keyed open the door to her quarters and stepped inside.

She stripped out of her clothes, let her hair out of its customary braids, and stepped into the refresher. Afterwards she dressed in a burgundy nightgown and robe, and eyed her bed for a moment, then decided she was too awake to try to sleep now. Seeing Kyp had brought a rush of memories flooding through her, most of them good, but some bad, especially the last time she had seen him.

Keying the door to her room open, Jaina slipped out into the now quiet corridor. It seemed that not only had the other Jedis heeded her Uncle Luke’s orders, but that Booster Terrick had relieved the majority of the Errant Venture’s personnel to turn in for the night as well.

She walked the quiet corridors until she came to an observation platform. She stared out of the transparisteel window at the glowing darkness of the galaxy. Stars in the near distance twinkled with flashes of bright light, and in the far distance she could see a flicker of blue and red and gold, and knew that in some part of the galaxy fierce fighting against the Yuuzhan Vong continued.

Her mind drifted onto Kyp. It hurt her still to think of him. To think of how he had used her and her brothers to do his dirty work. She had never thought she would be on the outs with Kyp. They had been friends for too long, and yes, she admitted, there had been something else starting there…but all of that was gone. Kyp had betrayed her trust and she didn’t think she would ever be able to forgive him.

Part 3

Goshyn walked through the corridors, occasionally sensing eyes upon him as he passed open doorways, but he didn’t let it bother him. The personnel of the Errant Venture were just doing their jobs, and for whoever else might be keeping tabs on him, he was okay with that too. He wanted nothing more than for his fellow Jedis to see that he was on their side. He would fight for the lightside of the Force, or die in honor of it.

As he rounded a corner in the corridor, he came upon an observation platform. A beautiful young woman stood looking out the transparisteel window, deep in thought. She was dressed in a flowing burgundy gown and robe, and her long dark hair fell in waves down to the middle of her slender back. He didn’t have to see her face to know that it was Jaina Solo.

He stilled his forward movement, sensing she was in deep thought, and wondered whether or not he should disturb her. The last thing he wanted to do would put himself on the outs with her now that she was finally talking to him.

Goshyn took a moment to center his disjointed thoughts and stepped forward, quietly saying her name as he approached her. “Jaina?”

Jaina was so lost in her thoughts that she almost didn’t sense the approach of another Jedi. She had a moment to wonder if Kyp had tracked her down after all, and was preparing for a confrontation with him, when she recognized the Jedi approaching her location, a mere second before Goshyn spoke her name.

She took another moment to decide that she wasn’t bothered by his appearance, and then turned to face him as he took the last couple of steps toward her.

“I don’t mean to disturb you.” Goshyn was quick to say.

“You aren’t.” Jaina replied. “Looks like I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep.”

Goshyn stepped up beside her, glancing out at the wondrous view of the galaxy the window afforded him. He could see the twinkling brilliance of a multitude of stars, and marveled at such a peaceful setting. It was hard for him to believe that while the small sector of the galaxy they were currently in was all quiet, and peaceful, a fierce and bloody battle still raged on between the multitude of planets and the deadly Yuuzhan Vong.

“Sleep eludes me tonight.” Goshyn admitted. “I would only grow restless staying inside my quarters, so I decided to take a stroll around. If I am bothering you, please tell me to go, and I will take my leave.”

“You aren’t bothering me.” Jaina smiled at him.”In truth, I was half-expecting you to be someone else. Someone I don’t really want to see right now.”

“Kyp Durron?” Goshyn inquired.

Part 4

Jaina’s eyes widened, then narrowed. “Just what do you know?”

“Nothing.” Goshyn told her calmly. “I saw him rise to follow you out of the common room earlier, and saw your brother Jacen’s maneuver to intercept Kyp. I assumed that it was on your behalf, but if I’m wrong in my presumption, I am sorry.”

“No, I am sorry.”Jaina said. “I shouldn’t have snapped at you. Kyp and I are, we were…friends, but I’m not sure what we are to each other anymore.”

“I see.” Goshyn was quiet for a moment. “ Were you lovers then?”

“What? No! Nothing like that.” Jaina was quick to explain. “We’ve known each other since we were kids, and have always been close until recently. He did something that broke my trust, and I’m not ready yet to forgive him or even sure if I ever will.”

“Trust is hard to earn.” Goshyn commented. “But it is even harder to earn back once it’s been broken.”

“Yes it is.” Jaina agreed.

“May I make a suggestion?” Goshyn asked.

“You may. I can’t promise that I will take it.” Jaina grinned at him.

“Fair enough.” Goshyn smiled back at her. “My suggestion is this: Take whatever time you need to come to a decision that you can live with.”

Jaina pondered his words for a moment. “That sounds like something Master Luke would say.”

“Thank you.” Goshyn was pleased at her words. To be compared to Luke Skywalker in even the slightest way was a huge compliment.

“What for?” Jaina was puzzled by his response.

“For saying I sounded like Master Luke.” Goshyn replied. “I took it as a compliment.”

“Oh,” Jaina grinned. ‘Well then, you’re welcome.”

“I should be getting back to my quarters now.” Goshyn said, even though he hated to end their conversation. “It’s late, and I think I could possibly sleep now.”

“I should return to mine as well.” Jaina said.

“May I escort you back to your quarters?” Goshyn held his breath. He knew she was perfectly capable of seeing herself safely back to them, but he didn’t want to part from her just yet.

“You may.” Jaina turned away from the observation platform, Goshyn falling into step beside her.

A companionable silence fell between them, each enjoying the new found ease they felt being in the other’s company. They reached Jaina’s quarters far too quickly, Goshyn felt with much regret.

“I’ll see you at the Jedi meeting in the morning.” Goshyn said and turned to leave.

“ Goodnight. Goshyn.”

Jaina watched him walk away, wondering at how in a few short hours time, she had gone from possibly loathing Goshyn, to finding herself actually starting to like him. She puzzled over this new train of thought as she settled into bed for the night.

A Celebration Amid Chaos

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A Star Wars AU Fanfic

A Celebration Amid Chaos

There was a celebration going on aboard Booster Terrik’s Star Destroyer, the Errant Venture. One by one people presented gifts to Jedi Masters Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker for the safe arrival of their infant son Ben.

Booster had went all out for the food and drinks for the celebration. His personal chefs had prepared a large variety of delicacies and glasses were overflowing with a selection of fine spirits. This night was much needed to buoy everyone’s spirits, as the war with the deadly Yuuzhan Vong waged on around them.

Young Jedi Padawans students their rigid training and darted around amid the cluster of adults, playing a series of Force generated games. Han Solo, Booster Terrik, and Jedi Corran Horn swapped stories about their various escapades, while Mirax Horn listened in on with amusement.

Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker, Kam and Tionne Solusar discussed a number of new techniques that they were eager to implement once a new Jedi base was established, and training was resumed.

Jedis Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo were sequestered around a small table in the cavernous room, talking amicably with one another, and enjoying the fact that they were still a trio. Tahiri Veila, friend and fellow Jedi was with the younger Solos. Only a short while earlier, Anakin had been fatally injured in a skirmish with the Yuuzhan Vong, and feared lost to all who loved him.

His Force sensitive family and close friends had felt his life force snuff out and were hours into grieving over his loss, and were in the middle of planning his memorial, when suddenly his essence was reconnected to the Force. No one, including Anakin, understood how his life had been restored to him, but all were grateful nevertheless.

Young Ben, lay sleeping in the curve of his mother’s arms, oblivious to the hubbub of activity around him, as Mara and Leia Organa Solo chatted softly with one another. The two women observed the sleeping infant and pondered over the similarities between him and his father.

“Seeing Ben, and getting to be a part of his life from the beginning, is almost as good as having been there to witness Luke as he grew up.” Leia said wistfully. “We were separated at such a young age that neither of us got to experience the other as children.”

“It must have been really hard on you.” Mara said.

“No, not really,” Leia admitted. “We weren’t even aware that the other existed, until that fateful day when Luke and Han rescued me from Vader’s grasp. It wasn’t until the Battle of Endor that we found out that we were actually twins. Even as a small child though, I always felt as if there was something or someone missing from my life. I never understood why I felt that way, until I learned Luke and I were related.”

“You never told me that.” a male voice said softly.

Leia turned to see her brother standing behind her. She smiled affectionately up at him, as she reached to take his hand in hers, feeling through their Force bond that her admission had pained him.

“Luke,” Leia said gently, rising from her chair, and turning to face him. She placed a hand against his cheek as she continued, “There was so much chaos going on around us when we first learned we were twins. Both of us had to deal with the knowledge that the people we trusted most our entire lives had kept such an important secret from us. Understanding the reason behind the secrecy, didn’t mean it wasn’t difficult for us to come to terms with it.  I didn’t want to add to the pain and confusion you were already feeling.”

Luke sighed, and laid his hand over hers where it rested on his cheek.  “I suppose you are right. The past is behind us now, and we can’t change what’s been done. What matters now is we’re together at last,and we must cherish the time we have with one another.”

Han joined them then, his eyes taking in the intense looks being exchanged between his wife and brother-in-law. He slipped an arm around Leia’s waist and clapped Luke on the shoulder. “What’s with all the seriousness? This is suppose to be a party right? So let’s celebrate!”

“You’re right.” Luke agreed.

He turned to face the room and clapped his hands to get the party goers attention. “Mara and I would like to thank you for attending this celebration of our infant son. We must remember to take moments like this amid a world filled with such chaos and uncertainty. It allows us the opportunity to rejuvenate our spirits and share in the Let’s enjoy each other’s company this night, as when dawn breaks tomorrow, we will return once again to our fight against the Yuuzhan Vong.”

The musicians Booster had hired, started playing again, and Han held out a hand to his wife. “Shall we?”

“We shall.” Leia slipped her hand into his outstretched one, and let him lead her into the center of the room where other Jedis, including Anakin and Tahari, Corran and Mirax, along with non-Force sensitive attendees, were already dancing.

“I’ll watch Ben if you want to dance?” Jaina appeared at Luke’s side, as the older couple watched the festivities.

“Thank you.” Mara handed over her sleeping infant into his older cousin’s care, and then she and Luke joined the other dancers.

Part 2

“How are you tonight Jaina?”

Jaina had just settled into a chair with Ben, who still slumbered, when a shadow fell over her. She recognized the Force essence of the Jedi who stood before, and felt no fear, although she could not quite repress the slight shiver of alarm that slashed through her, as her brown eyes locked on the bold black and red features of the Dathomirian Zabrak she knew has Jedi Goshyn Maul.

Even though they had known each other for several years, having trained at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, and in recent months been on a couple of the same battle missions against the Yuuzhan Vong, this was the first time Goshyn had ever sought her out.

Or anyone out for that matter. Goshyn kept to himself mostly, more than aware that his lineage as a direct descendant of Darth Maul, one of the most notorious Siths in the entire galaxy, made most people very uneasy around him. Even his fellow Jedis were wary of him, despite the fact his actions so far, were as honorable as theirs was.

Being directly descended from Darth Vader, the most feared Sith of all time, Jaina understood what it felt like to be prejudged by others. Starting with her mother and uncle, the Skywalker-Solo family had done much to change the way others saw their lineage, but for some, nothing they did would ever be good enough.

Her Uncle Luke, along with her parents, had taught her and her brothers that it did not matter how others perceived them, but how they saw themselves. Only their actions and thoughts could dictate the kind of person they wished to be. She was thankful that she had wonderful role models in her parents, aunt and uncle; mentors in the other Jedi Masters, and close friends to rely on for advice and support.

Jaina wondered if Goshyn had anyone close to confide in. She opted then and there, to try and make more of an effort to befriend Goshyn.

“I am fine.” She smiled at him. “Enjoying the brief respite from the fighting.”

“ I wish I shared your enjoyment.” Goshyn seated himself in the chair next to hers.” I do not agree with this frivolity, while the galaxy around us is in such chaos.”

“You are entitled to your own opinion.” Jaina said evenly. “However, I agree with Master Skywalker, when he stated that we must remember to take moments such as this. We are all battle weary and grieve for fallen loved ones and friends. Rejuvenating our bodies and spirits will enable us to return to battle with more focus and determination.”

“Your words have weight to them.” Goshyn stated solemnly. “I will meditate on them.”

“As you like.” Jaina glanced down as Ben began to squirm about in her arms, and make low mewling sounds. A clear sign that he was building up to a fit. She made a mental connection with him and found hunger was prevalent in his mind.

“If you’ll excuse me. I need to take Ben to his mother.” Jaina rose from her chair, Ben’s cries becoming a little louder and more frequent.

“I will await your return.” Goshyn said.


Part 3

As he waited for Jaina to return, Goshyn settled comfortably into his chair, and closed his tired eyes. His body was bone weary and very much in need of several hours of rejuvenating sleep, as well as hearty sustenance. Sleep would have to await until he could seek shelter out on one of the other levels, but he could certainly satisfy his growling stomach.

Goshyn rose from his chair and moved over to one of the heavily laden down banquet tables of delectable foods and piled a plate high with more food than he had eaten in a week. He snagged a glass of some sweet smelling nectar from one of the service droids working the room at Booster Terrik’s request, and returned to his earlier vacated seat.

While he ate, he tried to ignore the dozen or so pairs of eyes that had tracked him around the room as he had gotten his refreshments, and were blatantly watching him as he enjoyed his meal. He shielded his mind as best he could from the myriad of emotions he was feeling from those Jedis who were watching him, instead of enjoying the festivities they were attending.

He squelched the anger rising up within him at their blatant stares. He was not about to let their rude and suspicious glares provoke him into doing something that would only further condemn him in their minds.

“Why are you here Maul?”

Goshyn looked up to see Anakin Solo standing before him, his face stormy. “I am enjoying the first real meal I’ve had in a week, as you can plainly see.”

“No. I mean why are you here? Onboard the Errant Venture?” Anakin probed.

“I was invited to the festivities just like you, Tahari, and the other Jedis.” Goshyn lifted his cup to his mouth, and took a long drink of the refreshingly cold amber liquid within it.

“I thought such things were beneath you. You’ve made it quite clear that you choose not to associate with the rest of us Jedis.” Anakin tried again to get a rise out of him.

“Believe as you wish.” Goshyn wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Nothing I say to you is going to be satisfactory. I will not allow you to provoke me into a fight.”

“Provoke you?” Anakin snorted, “I’m not…”

“Yes. You. Are. Anakin.” Jaina told her younger brother, coming up behind him, and overhearing the tail end of his and Goshyn’s conversation.

*Knock it off Anakin!*

*Since when did you care so much about Goshyn?*

* I don’t care for him, but I’ve decided not to dislike him either. He can’t help his lineage anymore than we can help ours. Do you like it when others judge us for actions that our grandfather did?*

*Well, no.*

“Goshyn, would you like to dance?” Jaina asked aloud, enjoying the sense of surprise she felt from him at her invitation.

“Well, uh, yes…” Goshyn rose to his feet and maneuvered past and equally surprised Anakin, and Tahiri, who had just arrived on the scene.

Jaina held out her hand to him as he stepped up beside her and after a moment’s hesitation, Goshyn slipped his larger hand into it and let the petite brunette lead him over to the dance floor.

As Jaina turned to face him, Goshyn said, “I’ve never really danced with anyone before, so I’m not certain where my hands should go.”

“I’ll show you.” Jaina guided his left hand to her waist, and held her left hand up in front of her, palm facing him. Goshyn intertwined the fingers of his right hand with hers and waited for Jaina’s next instruction.

“Now, just watch the pattern of my feet, and move yours in step with mine.” Jaina moved her right foot forward, and Goshyn moved his left foot back.Then she repeated the movement with her left foot and Goshyn did likewise with his right.

He was awkward at first, but within a few moments, he was following her steps easily, and they were moving around the floor together. Goshyn was aware that the other dancers had ceased moving and were watching him and Jaina move around the dance floor, their bodies moving past the awkward stage and into one of ease. For the first time ever, he could care less that he was the center of attention, as he was focused solely on Jaina’s beautiful face, and the pure enjoyment of the moment.

Jaina sensed the lightening of Goshyn’s mood through the Force as they danced, and was pleased that she had asked him to dance. He wasn’t a bad dancer either, even though he proclaimed he had never danced with a partner before. His movements had been a bit awkward and clumsy at first, but the longer they danced with one another, the more confident his movements had become.

Surprisingly enough, she found that she was really enjoying herself. It had been a long time since she had danced with anyone, or even had a reason to dance at all, and doing so now was lightening her own mood as well.

Goshyn didn’t know how many dances he and Jaina had shared together, before he heard the familiar voice of Master Skywalker calling for everyone’s attention.

“Mara and I would like to thank you for attending this brief celebration of the birth of our son Ben. It has given us all a chance to escape if only for a short time the terrible troubles that we have all recently lived through and will face again tomorrow. Let us all turn in for the night as a long day awaits us tomorrow and many more to come. I will suggest that my fellow Jedis will take this night to meditate and prepare themselves for the upcoming battles. Goodnight, and may the Force be with you all.” Luke called out across the room.

“May the Force be with you too, Master Skywalker.” A chorus of voices rang out in reply, Jaina’s and Goshyn’s included.

“I guess we should turn in now.” Jaina said to Goshyn.

“Yes.” Goshyn was silent for a moment, and then spoke again, “Thank you for making an effort to include me in tonight’s festivities. I enjoyed talking and dancing with you.”

“You’re welcome.” Jaina smiled at him.” I rather enjoyed it myself. Good night.”

“Good night.”








A Midnight Talk

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A Star Wars Fanfic

A Midnight Talk

A solitary figure stood upon one of the many balconies carved into the framework of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Darkness had fallen over the grand city several hours earlier and most of its respectable citizens had long retired to their homes. In the near distance music from the many cantinas and restaurants on the lower sections of the city wafted up and disturbed the somber mood of the lone figure.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker peered out over the dark sky above, glittering with millions of stars and wondered if Callista was doing the same thing wherever she was. The thought of her gazing out upon the sky and perhaps thinking of him brought little comfort to his aching heart…nothing could possibly ease the sadness and longing he felt for the woman he loved…the woman he knew loved him in return…and yet disappeared from his life….

Leia Organa Solo paused in the corridor of the Imperial Palace, just inside the doorway leading out onto the balcony upon which her brother stood. His overwhelming loneliness had called to her in her sleep and awakened her. She knew that Luke probably wasn’t aware of how much his sadness had leaked over into the connection they had…the unbreakable bond that had steadily grown stronger over the years and with her training in the Force techniques that Luke had taught her.

Quietly she had slipped out of bed so as not to disturb Han, pulled on a robe over her nightgown and quietly left the Solo quarters. Leia hadn’t really known where to look for Luke, but had simply used her Force connection with her brother to locate him. She stood in indecision, wanting to move forward and console him in some way, yet not wanting to intrude upon his solitude.

“You are up late.”

The words were softly spoken, yet they startled Leia. Luke’s ability to sense even the slightest of movements or sounds was uncanny and unnerved her.

“I couldn’t sleep.” Leia replied as she stepped out onto the balcony towards him.

Luke sensed her response for what it was. He had thought that he had clamped down harder on his feelings so as not to alarm Leia. He didn’t hide his feelings entirely from her…they were too close…too connected to do that…but he could regulate just how strongly she felt them. He turned away from the balcony to face her as she approached…not bothered in the least by her appearance.

“I’m sorry Leia. I don’t mean to disturb you.” he told her quietly.

“Isn’t that my line?” Leia said as she came to a stop beside him. Her concerned brown eyes swept lovingly over his face…while she sent love and compassion flowing over him in the Force.

Luke smiled through his pain, marveling at how Leia’s Force abilities had grown in so short a time and how welcome her affectionate caresses were to his wounded soul.

“Your abilities have grown.” Luke said.

“I’ve been practicing,” Leia admitted. “Alhough I don’t think that I will ever be quite as adept at using the Force as you.”

Luke frowned at her. “Using the Force isn’t about competing. It’s about learning to become one with it. A Jedi uses the Force to find a balance within them and in everything that they strive to do. It does not matter whether it’s piloting a fighter, leading a government, or picking up a pebble.”

It was Leia’s turn to smile at the authoritative tone Luke’s voice had taken on.  “Yes, Master.”

“Sorry. I don’t believe you came out here to get a late night lesson.”

“No…I came out here to see if you were alright. To listen to you if you needed to talk….or just sit with you if you want.” Leia told him.

“I’m not quite up to talking about it yet…it’s still too painful…to mention her name….to think of life without her.” Luke’s voice grew hoarser as emotions inside of him welled up.

“Then we’ll sit and watch the sun rise together.” Leia answered. She wrapped her brother lovingly in a hug and held him for several moments. Then, as if one, the two siblings moved toward a grouping of chairs and settled themselves into them…and gazed up at the sky overhead their fingers intertwined.

The dark sky over Coruscant was just beginning to lighten as Luke escorted Leia back to the Solo quarters. They hadn’t talked much the rest of the time they had sat out on the balcony together, but Leia could feel that Luke’s pain had lessened a little just knowing that she was there with him. Their relationship as brother and sister was still new to the both of them. They had been friends for quite some time before Luke had learned from Obi Wan “Ben” Kenobi that he had a twin. Luke had told her that he had known right away that she was his twin. Both of them had sensed a sudden connection between them that neither of them had understood at first. Gradually they had come to realize that their paths had meant to cross, and that they were destined to become someone special in each other’s life. She and Luke both had mistakenly attributed the connection that they felt as an attraction, but had soon learned that the feeling that they had for one another went far deeper than that.

In her confusion over the equally strong feelings that she had regarding Han Solo, Leila had kissed Luke to try to prove to herself, and to Han, too, that she was not interested in him in the very least. Leia and Luke both had realized then that there could never be anything physical between them, although they didn’t find out for some time later that they were actually siblings, twins.

Leia wouldn’t want things any other way between her and Luke or her and Han. Han was her lover, her husband, her soul mate. The relationship that she shared with Luke was equally as important to her. Now that she had found out that she wasn’t an only child after all, but a twin, she couldn’t bare the thought of ever living her life without Luke in it. He was more than just her brother, but an integral part of her being that would be lost without him.

“I didn’t mean to make you so melancholy Leia.” Luke’s gently spoken words startled Leia out of her reverie.

“You didn’t. I was just reflecting on how much my life has grown, changed since you and Han became a part of it.” Leia replied honestly.

“How we created chaos in it you mean?” Luke said teasingly.

Leia smiled at him. It did her heart good to see him smiling and teasing. “That too I suppose. Even so, the two of you have made it all the more fuller, richer, and less lonely.”

“I’m glad. You may never know the full extent of how very glad I am for your presence in my life…and for Han’s and the children too. I could never get through this loss if I had to do it alone.” Luke said.

Leia reached up and wiped a single tear off of Luke’s face. It was only in moments like these, when the two of them were alone that Luke really felt free to openly express his feelings. Though he was in pain, Leia was glad that he trusted her enough to show them to her. Later on this very day, she knew…Luke would carefully tuck them away behind Force barriers so no one would be able to see them…

“You’ll never be truly alone again Luke as long as I can help it.”

Leia told him.

“Neither will you. Go on in now. Go back to your warm bed and to

Han.” Luke urged.

“Try to get some rest.” Leia said as she hugged Luke, planted a kiss upon his cheek and opened the doors to her quarters.

“I will.” Luke promised, although he felt doubtful of succeeding. He would try though because he had promised her.

They shared one last look between them before Leia closed the door and Luke headed to his own quarters.

Leia leaned against the heavy wooden door of the Solo quarters with a sigh. Her heart was heavy with longing to ease the torment Luke was in. To find a way to help him through his pain in some other way than just being there to listen when he needed to talk…and when he didn’t. He had been alone for so long before finding Callista. Leia shook her head to clear it of the disconcerting thoughts knowing that Luke would sense her feelings and be more burdened by them. She was still so deep in thought that she didn’t sense another presence moving around the suite until a deep voice startled her from its proximity.

“Something wrong, Princess?” Han asked softly, his voice low so as not to awaken the children. He stood only about ten feet from her, his chestnut hair muffled from sleep, dressed only in a pair of pajama bottoms. As he waited for her to answer, Han unconsciously ran a hand through his dark tresses in order to smooth them out.

Leia smiled lovingly over at him, amazed at how often Han seemed to accurately judge her feelings and moods, of always knowing when she needed him, of loving her the way she needed to be loved…without having abilities in the Force to aide him.

“No. Well, no not really.” Leia began, trying to find the right words to explain without revealing any of the feelings and thoughts she was getting from Luke.

“How’s Luke doing?” Han asked, stepping closer in order to take her into his arms. Though he wasn’t ever comfortable with revealing the depth of his feelings for his family members, Luke included, he felt their hurt just as keenly. Luke had gone from being the annoying do-good farm boy he had met in the Mos Eisley cantina on Tattoine long ago to a close friend, a brother even, next to Chewie.

Leia snuggled her head against Han’s chest, accepting the comfort only his arms could give. “Not too good. Course he’d never make it known to anyone else outside the family. If only I could do something to help him.”

“You are doing something sweetheart. Luke knows he can talk to you whenever he needs to and that you love and support him. There’s nothing else you can do. As hard as it is for you to witness, Luke has to go through this alone in order to get over it. Although, I don’t think I would handle it as well if it was me.”  Han told her, stroking her head.

“Me neither.” Leia whispered and brought her lips up to meet Han’s. The kiss lasted along time and was full of the deep love each had for the other.

“Come on, let’s go back to bed. You’ll need some sleep to deal with all those Senators this afternoon.” Han said and without waiting for her reply, started back across the sitting room toward their bedroom with Leia still wrapped in his arms.


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