A Young Riders/Magnificent Seven Fanfic

TYR MCAT Evolutions

MCAT AU: MCAT (Major Crimes and Acts of Terrorism) is the brainchild of my friend ‘TannerTexasLady’ in the Magnificent Seven fandom. The idea for the TYR MCAT AU came when ‘TannerTexasLady’ decided to expand the elite government unit into three units. One of those companies, ‘Charlie’ will be based in San Antonio, Texas.

“Evolutions’ Parts 1-3 (#1 The Players Assemble, #2 The Team Rises and #3 Charlie Team is Formed) will include excerpts from MCAT: Strengths of Solidarity Story # 3: Turn the Page. These excerpts include important information leading to the set-up of the San Antonio MCAT unit. The Mag 7 Characters, along with originals, created specifically for Tanner Texas Lady’s MCAT AU, will make appearances in this story.