Elena’s Diary

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Vampire Diaries Fanfic

Entry 4

“Dear Diary,

Jeremy had already left the house before I was gone. I wondered where had gone to and what he was doing, and wished there was some way I could get through to him. Mom and Dad would not want him to destroy his life.

I sighed. Pain and longing for my parents swept over me. I battled against the tears that threatened to fill my eyes, refusing to give into them.

A honk outside had me hastily grabbing my books and purse. I ran downstairs and out of the house, calling a goodbye to Jenna as I went.

Bonnie kept up a running conversation about the weird events that had happened the night before, and although I participated in it, all I could think about was getting to school, and seeing Stefan.

It had been a long time since I felt so alive. Felt so ready to start living again, and I know it was because of Stefan. He made me want to look forward to the future.

Bonnie pulled into a parking spot and we got out. Bonnie went to see if Caroline made it to school after all the alcohol she had drunk the night before, and I continued onto the lawn.

I caught sight of Stefan sitting on top of one of the picnic tables out front, and I smiled. I started toward him, but stopped when I heard someone call my name. I turned to see Matt walking toward me.

I asked him how Vicki was doing. He said she was doing better, but would have to stay in the hospital another day or two. Doctors wanted to give her more time to replenish all the blood she had lost.

It was relieved to hear that she was going to be okay. Matt had too much to deal with without having to lose his sister too.

Then he dropped a bombshell on me. Vicki believed that a vampire had attacked her instead of a wild animal. Seriously? A vampire? What kind of drugs were they giving her?

Shock must have shown on my face because Matt laughed and agreed it was crazy. Someone called his name, and he veered off to go talk to them, as I continued my way across the lawn.

I glanced over at the picnic table where I had seen Stefan sitting a short time earlier, and was surprised to find him gone. Disappointment flashed through me. I had hoped to spend a few minutes with him before school started, but would have to wait to see him in the classes we shared.

With a sigh, I headed inside as the first bell rang. I had just enough time to make it to my locker, grab what other books I needed,stash my purse, and make it to my first class before the last bell rang.


Stefan’s Diary

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Vampire Diaries Fanfic

Entry 4

I was sitting on one of the picnic tables outside of Mystic Falls High School waiting for Elena to arrive. Just the thought of seeing her again caused a thread of anticipation to arc through me.

I spotted her starting to walk across the front lawn toward me, and started to rise to meet her, when Matt Donovan joined her. I sat back down and tuned my hearing so that it dulled all the other conversations going on around me, while Matt and Elena’s became louder.

They were discussing Matt’s sister, Vicki. I could hear the concern in Matt’s voice as he updated Elena on his sister’s condition. I heard the relief in Elena’s voice when she told Matt she was glad Vicki was going to be okay.

I was relieved too, but a little confused, and a lot concerned. Damon might toy with his victims a bit before he killed them, but he never let them live. My brother was up to something, and only time will tell what his end game was.


All thoughts of Damon fled from my mind as I heard the word fall from Matt’s lips. I could see the shock on Elena’s face as Matt informed her that his sister had told him she was attacked by a vampire.

“What? Really?”

Elena’s incredulous exclaimations made Matt laugh, but I didn’t laugh. I had to go see Vicki. I had to make sure she didn’t tell anyone else that a vampire I had attacked her.

Entry 5

Mystic Falls Hospital

As I walked through the lobby, my senses were assaulted by a combination of scents: blood, astringents, food, and bodily fluids. All but the blood, I could easily block out.

I squelched the rush of Power that surged to the surface, hoping that no one saw the change in my eyes or caught a glimpse of the change in my face.

When no one ran screaming away from me in terror, I knew I had succeeded. I walked up to the reception desk and with a touch of compulsion got the volunteer behind it to give me Vicki’s room number. I thanked her and went in search of the elevators.

When I reached the third floor, finding room 316 was easy. Vicki wasn’t alone though. There was a doctor checking over her chart and a nurse taking her vitals. I would have to bide my time until Vicki was alone.

I went hunting to pass the time. I gorged myself on the blood of three rabbits. I needed to be at my strongest now that Damon was in town. I would never be as strong as Damon unless I fed on human blood, but with the rabbits’ blood, I was stronger nevertheless.

Time ticked slowly by, but finally I thought enough time had passed, so I headed back to the hospital. I hurried to Vicki’s room only to find Matt there. I quickly ducked out of sight, as I heard Vicki start screaming hysterically.

I saw Matt run out of the room in the direction of the nurse’s station, and made my move.  Vicki was sobbing, and rocking back and forth on her bed when I entered her room. She glanced up, startled to see me, and her mouth began to form the words I imagine were along the line of ‘why was I there’, but I didn’t give her the chance.

I captured her with my eyes, and then words of the compulsion flowed from my lips. Vicki repeated my words back to me in a monotone. Pleased that my compulsion worked, I hastily exited her room. I was almost to the end of the corridor when I heard a male voice call out.

Matt. He had seen me. I hastened my step, hearing footsteps behind me, and quickly darted into a room. I froze in the doorway.

Patients of varying ages and sexes sat in comfortable chairs, arms outstretched, as blood pumped into their veins from bags hanging on I.V. poles above them. Hunger erupted within me as I stared in fascination at the thin plastic lines filled with blood that snaked their way into the human attached to the other end.

Hearing footsteps rapidly approaching, I darted quickly behind a curtain in a corner of the room. Behind it was a window which I quickly opened it and scanned the area below. Once I was certain no one would see me, I jumped out of it.

I landed with ease on the grounds below and after another glance around, darted away so that Matt would have no chance to see me. I headed back to the boarding house.






This 13-Year-Old Indigenous Girl Has Been Nominated for a Global Peace Prize

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13 year old Indigenous Girl Nominated for Nobel Peace prize

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