I had originally planned on doing a day to day work-in-progress accounting of my progress with Nano this year…but that sort of fell by the wayside…

A Heart Sister came to visit me for the first weekend in November…a very fun filled time as it always is with her….love her so much!. Then I hitched a ride with her down to my Big Sister’s house for an early Thanksgiving! She drives right by the town my sister lives in to get to her own home in a nearby state.

I wrote around the festivities down at my sister’s…by hand as they don’t have Internet….Gasp!

While down there I ended up having an allergy attack-helped Big Sis tackle some cleaning out/rearranging of things…and came home feeling quite worse than I went down there!..Still suffering the effects of the allergy attack turned sinus affection…but have plugged on with  my words…whether any of it makes sense is yet to be seen…

Current word total:31,453

Total words to go:18,547