Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

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A Young Riders Fanfiction

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Summer Series

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A Collection of Young Riders Fanfiction

That Summer-This fan fiction was inspired by the
Garth Brooks hit song That Summer.

That Summer

Last Summer-Someone from Kid’s past drops an unexpected bundle on him. This is a sequel to my story “That Summer”.

Last Summer

Sweetwater Au Stories

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A Collection of Young Riders Fanfiction. Some are written by me. Others are written by me and my friend Catsimmie.

They are Not Orphans-Emma reflects on the changes that have come into her life with the arrival of Teaspoon and the riders. This is the first story in the Sweetwater Tales Au.

They Are Not Orphans

Battered and Bruised-After a hard day’s work, the riders are eager to do some resting. A Sweetwater Tales Au story.

Battered and Bruised

Late Night Observations-Lou writes a letter to Jeremiah and Theresa A story in the Sweetwater Tales Au.

Late Night Observations

Swimming Hole Secrets-Lou’s secret identity is revealed when Jimmy happens upon her while she’s at the swimming hole. Another story in the Sweetwater Tales Au

Swimming Hole Secrets

Four Sisters and a Pony Express Rider-On the way back to Sweetwater, Kid runs into four sisters in need of his assistance. Set in the Sweetwater Tales AU. Co written by Catsimmie.

Four Sisters and A Pony Express Rider

Welcome to Sweetwater-When Kid arrives back in Sweetwater with the Florian sisters, Emma, Teaspoon, and the other riders make the new arrivals feel welcomed in their town. Co-written by Catsimmie. Another tale in the Sweetwater Tales AU.

Welcome to Sweetwater


Moments Series

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A Collection of Young Riders Fanfiction

1.The Right Thing To Do-Kid does the right thing, even though it breaks his heart to do it. The First story in my “Moments” series.

The Right Thing To Do

2.Love at First Sight-Kid’s first meeting with his horse. 2nd story in my ‘Moments’ series.

Love At First Sight

3.Pony Express Rider-Kid gets a job as a Pony Express Rider. 3rd story in my ‘Moments’ series.

Pony Express Rider

4.Bear Grease and Horse Troughs-Teaspoon enjoys a bath much to the amusement of six young riders. 4th story in my ‘Moments’ series.

Bear Grease and Horse Troughs

5. A Ragtag Bunch-A ragtag bunch of orphans sign up to work for the Pony Express.5th Story in my ‘Moments’ series.

A Ragtag Bunch

6.Settling In-Teaspoon and Emma share a conversation over a cup of coffee. Story 6 in my “Moments” series.

Settling In

7. Discovery-Kid finds out Lou’s true identity. 7th in my ‘Moments’ series.


8.No Way Out-Kid is given no way out when he faces two outlaws alone.8th story in my ‘Moments’ series.

No Way Out

9. First Kiss-Lou thanks Kid for keeping her secret and receives her first. 9th story in my ‘Moments’ series.

First Kiss

10.A Tender Moment-Matthew has a late night talk with his Ma. This is story #9 in my “Moments in Time” series.

A Tender Moment

11.Memories-A conversation over supper has the riders reminiscing. Story 11 in my ‘Moments’ series.


12. Her Pa’s Watch-Emma remembers a long ago memory. Story #12 in my “Moments” series.

Her Pa’s Watch

13. Torn and Tattered-A lace handkerchief holds a special memory for Lou. Story #13 in my “Moments” series.

Torn and Tattered

14.Never Again-Jimmy is haunted by a memory he would love to forget. Story #14 in my “Moments” series.

Never Again

15. Letting Go of the Past-Cody is swept up in his memories. This is the 15th story in my “Moments” series.

Letting Go of The Past

16.The Vow-Ike is swept up in a heart-wrenching memory that makes him vow again to see that justice is done for his family. This is the 16th story in my “Moments” series.

The Vow

17.Memories of Her-Instead of dwelling on hurtful memories, Kid instead remembers the time he spent with a very special woman. This is the 17th story in my “Moments” series.

Memories of Her

18.Never Enough-Buck remembers painful memories of his childhood. This is the 18th story in my ‘Moments’ series.

Never Enough

19.Aged Reflections-Teaspoon reflects on memories of his youth. This is the 19th story in my “Moments” Series.

Aged Reflections

20. Pondering-Kid ponders over a comment Lou made. Story #20th in my Moments series.


21.Only on Sundays-Jimmy foolishly accepts a challenge. Story #21 in my Moments series.

Only On Sundays

22.Sweating It Out-Teaspoon thinks time in the Sweat Lodge is just the thing Jimmy needs to sort out his demons. Story #22 in my Moments series.

Sweating It Out

23.A Talk With Sam-Emma talks to Sam about Jimmy and Longley. Story #23 in my Moments series.

A Talk With Sam

24.Clandestine Visit-Emma goes to talk a gunfighter out of killing Jimmy. Story #24 of my Moments series.

Clandestine Visit

25.Was it Worth It?-Jimmy returns something treasured to Emma, after facing off with the gunfighter Longley, and she asks him if it was worth it. This is story #25 in my ‘Moments’ series.

Was it Worth it?

26.Sleepless in Sweetwater-Ike witnesses something horrific and is having troubled dealing with it. This is story #26 in my ‘Moments’ series.

Sleepless in Sweetwater

27.Troubled-Buck is worried about Ike. This is story #27 in my ‘Moments’ Series.


28. Rattlers and Wagon Wheels-Emma and the riders have a bit of an adventure on the way to town that involves a rattlesnake and a broken wheel. This is story #28 in my “Moments” series.

Rattlers and Wagon Wheels

29.Run In-Ike runs into the notorious outlaw Nickerson in Sweetwater and realizes he can’t let the man get away with murder. This is story #29 in my “Moments” series.

Run In

30. Telling Sam-Ike spills his guts to Sam about witnessing the stagecoach massacre. This is story #30 in my ‘Moments’ series.

Telling Sam

31. Getting His Man-Sam arrests the notorious outlaw Bart Nickerson. This is story #31 in my “Moments’ series.

Getting His Man

32. Not Alone-Ike realizes that he’ll never face anything alone again, as long as Buck and the other riders are around. This is story #32in my “Moments” series.

Not Alone

33.Better At Distance-Cody takes a stand so that his fellow riders can escape. This is story #33 in my “Moments” series.

Better at Distance

34.Hoping-Lou is worried about Cody and Kid. This is story #34 in my “Moments” series.


35.Hanging Around-Buck finds himself in quite a predicament he didn’t plan on. This is story #35 in my “Moments” series.

Hanging Around

36. Half Breed-Buck is determined not to let the prejudice of others determine how he views himself. This is story #36 in my “Moments” series.

Half Breed

37.Gone-Lou vows to rescue her siblings when she learns they’ve been taken from the orphanage where she left them. Story #37 in my “Moments” series.


38. No Choice-While helping Lou rescue her kidnapped younger siblings, Kid is given no choice but to kill a man while defending her. This is story #39 in my “Moments” series.

No Choice

39. Tall in The Saddle-Lou realizes just how lucky she is to have friends like her fellow riders. This is Story #38 in my “Moments” series.

Tall in The Saddle

40.Gratefulness-When Kid’s beloved horse Katie is trapped in a burning barn, he accepts help from an unlikely source, as well as his fellow riders. This is story #40 in my “Moments” series.


41.Only A Matter of Time-Thanks to the lies JD Marcus told about him, Jimmy fears his life will never be the same. This is story #41 in my “Moments” Series.

Only a Matter of Time

42.Reunited At Last-Kid is reunited with his long lost brother Jed. This is story #42 in my “Moments” series.

Reunited At Last

43.Severed Siblings-Kid’s reunion with his older brother is short lived, when Jed makes choices that gets him killed. This is story number #43in my “Moments” series.

Severed Siblings

44.Not Man Enough For Her-A stirring of new feelings for Emma, catches Jimmy off-guard. This is Story #44 in my “Moments” series.

Not Man Enough For Her

45.Only Friends-Emma gently tells Jimmy that nothing can come of his growing feelings for her. This is story#45 in my “Moments” series.

Only Friends

46. Won’t-Lou is distressed at the idea of Teaspoon leaving the Pony Express. This is story#46 of my “Moments” series.


47. I Know-Kid comforts Lou, as they both try to come to terms with the idea Teaspoon might leave the PX. This is story#47 of my “Moments” Series.

I Know

48.Dancing in the Moonlight-Lou and Kid share a special dance in the moonlight. This is story#48 in my “Moments” series.

Dancing in the Moonlight

49.Vaya Con Dios, Prairie Dog-Teaspoon says goodbye to an old friend. This is story #49 of my “Moments” series.

Vaya Con Dios, Prairie Dog

50.Talking Sense into Jimmy-Lou tries to talk some sense into Jimmy, after he leaves the PX to work for Grace. This is story#50 of my “Moments” series.

Talking Sense Into Jimmy

51.Picking Rock-Kid finds himself doing hard time, after he’s falsely arrested in a town called Prosperity. This story is #51 of my “Moments” series.

Picking Rock

52.Like a Lady-Lou meets an intriguing man while on a run, and experiences a night she’ll always remember. This is story#52 of my “Moments” series.

Like a Lady

53.Holding Lou-Kid’s thoughts as he holds Lou, after her confrontation with Dewitt. This is story#53 of my “Moments” story.

Holding Lou

54. Unwanted-Some unwanted memories resurfaces for Emma when she sees the carved miniature wagon Cody was given by a stranger. This is story #54 of my “Moments” series.


55.All The Time You Need-Sam Cain vows to give Emma Shannon all the time she needs. This is story #55 of my “Moments” series.

All The Time You Need

56. Never Make The Same Mistake Twice-Buck Cross vows to stay away from women after his disastrous relationship with Kathleen Devlin. This is story # 56 in my “Moments” series.

Never Make The Same Mistake Twice

57.Troubling Thoughts-Emma has troubling thoughts about Sam Cain. This is story #58 in my “Moments” Series.

Troubling Thoughts

58. Sweet Annie-Ike falls in love with a mail order bride. This is story #59 in my “Moments” Series.

Sweet Annie

59. Change is Difficult-Even though she’s happy for Emma and Sam, Lou’s heart is breaking nevertheless. This is story #60 of my “Moments” Series.

Change is Difficult

60.Rachel and Lou Come To An Understanding-Lou has mixed emotions about Rachel Dunne becoming the new PX housekeeper, but a talk between them leads her to reconsider her feelings. This is Story #61 of my ‘Moments” Series.

Rachel And Lou Come To An Understanding


Ace of Clubs

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A Young Riders Fanfiction

Jimmy Hickok peered over the top of his cards, his gray eyes observing his fellow card players for a moment, before returning his gaze onto his own. He fiddled with them trying to decide which cards he should keep, and which ones to toss to the dealer to be replaced for new ones. He finally decided to toss out the Two of Hearts and Three of Spades.

“C’mon Jimmy, place a bet or draw some new cards.” Cody complained from his left.

“Quiet, I’m pondering.” Jimmy told the blond rider.

“Try pondering a little faster.” Lou said under her breath on his right.

Jimmy ignored her, waited a couple more seconds, and then through down the two cards he had chosen to discard. “Gimme two cards, Kid.”

“About time,” Cody muttered as Kid dealt Hickok to cards.

As Cody requested his own cards from Kid, Jimmy picked up the new ones he had been dealt, and almost smiled. The game was just about to get interesting. Things quickly heated up in the game after that. One by one his fellow riders folded until only he and Cody were left playing.

“Okay Cody, show me what you got.” Jimmy told his opponent.

With a wide grin, Cody laid his cards on the table. “Full house-tens over eights beat that, Jimmy.”

Jimmy grinned as all eyes turned to him. “Read them and weep.”

One by one, he flipped his cards over on the table, revealing four Aces and King. Drawing the Ace of Clubs as one of the two replacement cards he’d gotten dealt by Kid, was a stroke of good luck for him.

“Guess this is mine.” Jimmy stated as he reached out and scooped the pile of money in the center of the table, into his hat.

“Damn.” Cody swore as the other riders heartily congratulated Jimmy on his prowess as a gambler.


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A Young Riders Fanfiction

Night was falling over the station and all of the riders, Teaspoon,
and Rachel were sitting out on the porch, taking advantage of the
cool breeze that had come when the sun had set for the evening.

“Teaspoon, where do you suppose we all go after we die?” Lou McCloud
asked as she gazed up at the night sky.

She felt arms tighten around her waist at her question, and patted
Kid’s arms soothingly. Death wasn’t a conversation that any of them
liked to talk about much, even though they had seen firsthand what it
looks like in all of the skirmishes they had had with outlaws and
the likes since joining up with the Pony Express to be riders.

“Don’t rightly know for sure Lou…”the stationmaster said
thoughtfully.” I’d liked to believe in the possibility that there
really is a Heaven and that God is awaiting our arrival up there to
join him.”

“Do you suppose that we will look like we do now?” Cody wondered

Ike’s hands began to move in the dark, and Buck Cross, his best
friend translated for their mute friend. “Ike says that his folks
always taught him that no matter where you go, there you are. Even if
that means Heaven.”

“That’s a right nice way of thinking on things Ike.” Rachel said, “I
know that I wouldn’t want to be anyone other than what I already am. ”

“Me neither.” Lou said. “Or with anyone else other than with all of

“Me too…” Kid said, kissing her lightly on top of her head and
giving her a gentle squeeze.

Jimmy, silent throughout the conversation, echoed Kid’s words with
his own voice. “Me too.”


A Broken Promise

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A Young Riders Fanfiction


The name called was barely louder than a breath, from the disease stricken figure lying upon a bed of smelly, tattered rags sewn together into makeshift blankets.

A fit of coughing followed the solitary word, alerting a sleeping child of about ten or eleven from an equally smelly and tattered pallet on the floor beside the bed. Disheveled, shoulder length auburn hair pushed back away from a dirt-streaked, rounded face with an upturned nose and large doe eyes.

Dark shadows lined the bottom lid of the eyes, a sure sign that the child, had been sick as well or at least hadn’t had enough sleep to make her youthful face take on a more healthier shine.

Louise’s tired eyes widened in alarm as she rose quickly to a standing position and hurriedly moved over to a chipped, rust stained basin and poured the last of the fresh water into a cracked teacup and hurried back over to the bed.

“Easy, Mama. Easy…” Lou said tenderly as she set the cup down upon a crate and helped to shift her mother into an upraised position so that she could drink from the glass. With one arm firmly around her mother’s neck, the freed one picked up the filled cup and lifted it to her mother’s cracked lips.

Mary Louise gratefully swallowed some of the cool water, finding it soothing to her scratchy throat. Another coughing fit seized hold of her fragile body, and shook it violently; causing some of the water, she had just swallowed to spill out of her mouth and trickle down her chin to wet the torn lace of her worn nightgown.

Soon the coughing had ended and she was able to drink the rest of the water down to the obvious relief of her eldest daughter. Mary Louise could not keep a smile from curving her lips as she glanced up into the scared countenance of Louise’s face and was filled to overflowing with love and pride…and eternal sorrow.

Louise was so young, too young to be shackled with the burden of trying to keep food into the bellies of her younger brother and sister, coal to warm the tiny one room shack they shared on the edge of St. Joe and tend to the numerous needs of diseased mother.

(Oh what a sorrowful…sorrowful burden for such a spirited young girl too be saddled with,) Mary Louise thought. Her Louise should have been outside playing with her brother and sister, sharing secrets with other girls, getting school learning, dreaming about what she wanted to be when she grew up. Instead, she was saddled with responsibilities that she should not have to have bared until she was far over than her tender years.

“How ya feeling, Mama?” Louise asked softly, so as not to awaken Jeremiah and Theresa who lay sound asleep on the pallet that she had recently vacated. “Want me to go fetch some more water?”

“Louise…there is something I want you to know in case, “another fit wracked Mary Louise’s form, causing her to pause in the middle of speaking.

“Ssh, Mama, don’t talk, just try to save your strength. You can tell me later when you’re feeling better.” Louise implored her Mother, feeling the familiar clinching of her heart tightening.

“I’m not going to get any better Louise…,”Mary Louise said softly, “There’s things…that have to be said, things that I have to tell you. ”

“No, Mama. You are going to get better. You just have too!” Louise exclaimed, throwing herself into Mary Louise’s arms.

“Ssh, child, Ssh…my sweet Louise…” Mary Louise murmured, pain unrelated to the nasty disease wracking havoc on her body, filling her chest and bringing tears to her eyes…

“I ain’t going to last much longer. I know it, and I think you know it well. How it pains me to have to say goodbye to you so soon…How I wish that I could see all three of you young’uns grow up, get married, and have babies. How I’ve dreamed of growing old and rocking my grandbabies…” Mary Louise licked her cracked lips, ignoring their sting, as one hand lifted to stroke comfortingly through Louise’s hair.

“I loved you from the moment I first set eyes upon you, Louise…I couldn’t believe you actually belonged to me. That I had helped to create such a perfect, beautiful daughter. You have done me proud Louise…I know these last years without your pa around have been hard. You’ve had to give up so much to help me with Miah and Resa.There’s more tough times ahead of you once I’m gone…and I’m so, very sorry for all the broken promises.”

These last few words escaped from Mary Louise’s lips in much the same way that the first word had been spoken a short time before…as mere breaths… and then there was nothing…

Louise raised her face from off of the smelly rags, and looked into the still face of her mother and let out one solitary, agonized cry, “NO!”

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