A Young Riders Fanfiction

Night was falling over the station and all of the riders, Teaspoon,
and Rachel were sitting out on the porch, taking advantage of the
cool breeze that had come when the sun had set for the evening.

“Teaspoon, where do you suppose we all go after we die?” Lou McCloud
asked as she gazed up at the night sky.

She felt arms tighten around her waist at her question, and patted
Kid’s arms soothingly. Death wasn’t a conversation that any of them
liked to talk about much, even though they had seen firsthand what it
looks like in all of the skirmishes they had had with outlaws and
the likes since joining up with the Pony Express to be riders.

“Don’t rightly know for sure Lou…”the stationmaster said
thoughtfully.” I’d liked to believe in the possibility that there
really is a Heaven and that God is awaiting our arrival up there to
join him.”

“Do you suppose that we will look like we do now?” Cody wondered

Ike’s hands began to move in the dark, and Buck Cross, his best
friend translated for their mute friend. “Ike says that his folks
always taught him that no matter where you go, there you are. Even if
that means Heaven.”

“That’s a right nice way of thinking on things Ike.” Rachel said, “I
know that I wouldn’t want to be anyone other than what I already am. ”

“Me neither.” Lou said. “Or with anyone else other than with all of

“Me too…” Kid said, kissing her lightly on top of her head and
giving her a gentle squeeze.

Jimmy, silent throughout the conversation, echoed Kid’s words with
his own voice. “Me too.”