A Collection of Young Riders Fanfiction

1.The Right Thing To Do-Kid does the right thing, even though it breaks his heart to do it. The First story in my “Moments” series.

The Right Thing To Do

2.Love at First Sight-Kid’s first meeting with his horse. 2nd story in my ‘Moments’ series.

Love At First Sight

3.Pony Express Rider-Kid gets a job as a Pony Express Rider. 3rd story in my ‘Moments’ series.

Pony Express Rider

4.Bear Grease and Horse Troughs-Teaspoon enjoys a bath much to the amusement of six young riders. 4th story in my ‘Moments’ series.

Bear Grease and Horse Troughs

5. A Ragtag Bunch-A ragtag bunch of orphans sign up to work for the Pony Express.5th Story in my ‘Moments’ series.

A Ragtag Bunch

6.Settling In-Teaspoon and Emma share a conversation over a cup of coffee. Story 6 in my “Moments” series.

Settling In

7. Discovery-Kid finds out Lou’s true identity. 7th in my ‘Moments’ series.


8.No Way Out-Kid is given no way out when he faces two outlaws alone.8th story in my ‘Moments’ series.

No Way Out

9. First Kiss-Lou thanks Kid for keeping her secret and receives her first. 9th story in my ‘Moments’ series.

First Kiss

10.A Tender Moment-Matthew has a late night talk with his Ma. This is story #9 in my “Moments in Time” series.

A Tender Moment

11.Memories-A conversation over supper has the riders reminiscing. Story 11 in my ‘Moments’ series.


12. Her Pa’s Watch-Emma remembers a long ago memory. Story #12 in my “Moments” series.

Her Pa’s Watch

13. Torn and Tattered-A lace handkerchief holds a special memory for Lou. Story #13 in my “Moments” series.

Torn and Tattered

14.Never Again-Jimmy is haunted by a memory he would love to forget. Story #14 in my “Moments” series.

Never Again

15. Letting Go of the Past-Cody is swept up in his memories. This is the 15th story in my “Moments” series.

Letting Go of The Past

16.The Vow-Ike is swept up in a heart-wrenching memory that makes him vow again to see that justice is done for his family. This is the 16th story in my “Moments” series.

The Vow

17.Memories of Her-Instead of dwelling on hurtful memories, Kid instead remembers the time he spent with a very special woman. This is the 17th story in my “Moments” series.

Memories of Her

18.Never Enough-Buck remembers painful memories of his childhood. This is the 18th story in my ‘Moments’ series.

Never Enough

19.Aged Reflections-Teaspoon reflects on memories of his youth. This is the 19th story in my “Moments” Series.

Aged Reflections

20. Pondering-Kid ponders over a comment Lou made. Story #20th in my Moments series.


21.Only on Sundays-Jimmy foolishly accepts a challenge. Story #21 in my Moments series.

Only On Sundays

22.Sweating It Out-Teaspoon thinks time in the Sweat Lodge is just the thing Jimmy needs to sort out his demons. Story #22 in my Moments series.

Sweating It Out

23.A Talk With Sam-Emma talks to Sam about Jimmy and Longley. Story #23 in my Moments series.

A Talk With Sam

24.Clandestine Visit-Emma goes to talk a gunfighter out of killing Jimmy. Story #24 of my Moments series.

Clandestine Visit

25.Was it Worth It?-Jimmy returns something treasured to Emma, after facing off with the gunfighter Longley, and she asks him if it was worth it. This is story #25 in my ‘Moments’ series.

Was it Worth it?

26.Sleepless in Sweetwater-Ike witnesses something horrific and is having troubled dealing with it. This is story #26 in my ‘Moments’ series.

Sleepless in Sweetwater

27.Troubled-Buck is worried about Ike. This is story #27 in my ‘Moments’ Series.


28. Rattlers and Wagon Wheels-Emma and the riders have a bit of an adventure on the way to town that involves a rattlesnake and a broken wheel. This is story #28 in my “Moments” series.

Rattlers and Wagon Wheels

29.Run In-Ike runs into the notorious outlaw Nickerson in Sweetwater and realizes he can’t let the man get away with murder. This is story #29 in my “Moments” series.

Run In

30. Telling Sam-Ike spills his guts to Sam about witnessing the stagecoach massacre. This is story #30 in my ‘Moments’ series.

Telling Sam

31. Getting His Man-Sam arrests the notorious outlaw Bart Nickerson. This is story #31 in my “Moments’ series.

Getting His Man

32. Not Alone-Ike realizes that he’ll never face anything alone again, as long as Buck and the other riders are around. This is story #32in my “Moments” series.

Not Alone

33.Better At Distance-Cody takes a stand so that his fellow riders can escape. This is story #33 in my “Moments” series.

Better at Distance

34.Hoping-Lou is worried about Cody and Kid. This is story #34 in my “Moments” series.


35.Hanging Around-Buck finds himself in quite a predicament he didn’t plan on. This is story #35 in my “Moments” series.

Hanging Around

36. Half Breed-Buck is determined not to let the prejudice of others determine how he views himself. This is story #36 in my “Moments” series.

Half Breed

37.Gone-Lou vows to rescue her siblings when she learns they’ve been taken from the orphanage where she left them. Story #37 in my “Moments” series.


38. No Choice-While helping Lou rescue her kidnapped younger siblings, Kid is given no choice but to kill a man while defending her. This is story #39 in my “Moments” series.

No Choice

39. Tall in The Saddle-Lou realizes just how lucky she is to have friends like her fellow riders. This is Story #38 in my “Moments” series.

Tall in The Saddle

40.Gratefulness-When Kid’s beloved horse Katie is trapped in a burning barn, he accepts help from an unlikely source, as well as his fellow riders. This is story #40 in my “Moments” series.


41.Only A Matter of Time-Thanks to the lies JD Marcus told about him, Jimmy fears his life will never be the same. This is story #41 in my “Moments” Series.

Only a Matter of Time

42.Reunited At Last-Kid is reunited with his long lost brother Jed. This is story #42 in my “Moments” series.

Reunited At Last

43.Severed Siblings-Kid’s reunion with his older brother is short lived, when Jed makes choices that gets him killed. This is story number #43in my “Moments” series.

Severed Siblings

44.Not Man Enough For Her-A stirring of new feelings for Emma, catches Jimmy off-guard. This is Story #44 in my “Moments” series.

Not Man Enough For Her

45.Only Friends-Emma gently tells Jimmy that nothing can come of his growing feelings for her. This is story#45 in my “Moments” series.

Only Friends

46. Won’t-Lou is distressed at the idea of Teaspoon leaving the Pony Express. This is story#46 of my “Moments” series.


47. I Know-Kid comforts Lou, as they both try to come to terms with the idea Teaspoon might leave the PX. This is story#47 of my “Moments” Series.

I Know

48.Dancing in the Moonlight-Lou and Kid share a special dance in the moonlight. This is story#48 in my “Moments” series.

Dancing in the Moonlight

49.Vaya Con Dios, Prairie Dog-Teaspoon says goodbye to an old friend. This is story #49 of my “Moments” series.

Vaya Con Dios, Prairie Dog

50.Talking Sense into Jimmy-Lou tries to talk some sense into Jimmy, after he leaves the PX to work for Grace. This is story#50 of my “Moments” series.

Talking Sense Into Jimmy

51.Picking Rock-Kid finds himself doing hard time, after he’s falsely arrested in a town called Prosperity. This story is #51 of my “Moments” series.

Picking Rock

52.Like a Lady-Lou meets an intriguing man while on a run, and experiences a night she’ll always remember. This is story#52 of my “Moments” series.

Like a Lady

53.Holding Lou-Kid’s thoughts as he holds Lou, after her confrontation with Dewitt. This is story#53 of my “Moments” story.

Holding Lou

54. Unwanted-Some unwanted memories resurfaces for Emma when she sees the carved miniature wagon Cody was given by a stranger. This is story #54 of my “Moments” series.


55.All The Time You Need-Sam Cain vows to give Emma Shannon all the time she needs. This is story #55 of my “Moments” series.

All The Time You Need

56. Never Make The Same Mistake Twice-Buck Cross vows to stay away from women after his disastrous relationship with Kathleen Devlin. This is story # 56 in my “Moments” series.

Never Make The Same Mistake Twice

57.Troubling Thoughts-Emma has troubling thoughts about Sam Cain. This is story #58 in my “Moments” Series.

Troubling Thoughts

58. Sweet Annie-Ike falls in love with a mail order bride. This is story #59 in my “Moments” Series.

Sweet Annie

59. Change is Difficult-Even though she’s happy for Emma and Sam, Lou’s heart is breaking nevertheless. This is story #60 of my “Moments” Series.

Change is Difficult

60.Rachel and Lou Come To An Understanding-Lou has mixed emotions about Rachel Dunne becoming the new PX housekeeper, but a talk between them leads her to reconsider her feelings. This is Story #61 of my ‘Moments” Series.

Rachel And Lou Come To An Understanding