A Collection of Young Riders Fanfiction. Some are written by me. Others are written by me and my friend Catsimmie.

They are Not Orphans-Emma reflects on the changes that have come into her life with the arrival of Teaspoon and the riders. This is the first story in the Sweetwater Tales Au.

They Are Not Orphans

Battered and Bruised-After a hard day’s work, the riders are eager to do some resting. A Sweetwater Tales Au story.

Battered and Bruised

Late Night Observations-Lou writes a letter to Jeremiah and Theresa A story in the Sweetwater Tales Au.

Late Night Observations

Swimming Hole Secrets-Lou’s secret identity is revealed when Jimmy happens upon her while she’s at the swimming hole. Another story in the Sweetwater Tales Au

Swimming Hole Secrets

Four Sisters and a Pony Express Rider-On the way back to Sweetwater, Kid runs into four sisters in need of his assistance. Set in the Sweetwater Tales AU. Co written by Catsimmie.

Four Sisters and A Pony Express Rider

Welcome to Sweetwater-When Kid arrives back in Sweetwater with the Florian sisters, Emma, Teaspoon, and the other riders make the new arrivals feel welcomed in their town. Co-written by Catsimmie. Another tale in the Sweetwater Tales AU.

Welcome to Sweetwater