Unwilling Participant-The Walking Dead Fanfic

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Written for Fandom Stocking 2018


Daryl Dixon walked the perimeter of the prison yard, his eyes scanning the chain link fence for any weaknesses of instability caused by a build up of Walkers. He preferred being in the open than cooped up inside the prison, even if he had to listen to the continuous growling and snarling sounds the Walkers lined up on the other side of the fence, made.

He especially wasn’t keen on being inside while everyone else was in full-blown holiday mode. Christmas was the next day, and the women of their group had decided a few weeks back that they had a lot to celebrate.

They had a safe place to live, plenty of food and supplies, Hershel had survived being bitten, and their group was intact.

Celebrating Christmas or any holiday really, wasn’t something he was accustomed to doing. His childhood had been hellish and he couldn’t remember a time when his family celebrated anything.

A slight sound behind him, had him whirling around, bringing up his crossbow. A slight figure with graying hair stood a short distance away from him.

A slight sound behind him, had him whirling around, brining up his crossbow. A light figure with graying hair stood a short distance away from him.

“A bit trigger happy tonight, aren’t you Pookie?”

Daryl snorted and lowered his crossbow. He could hear the laughter in Carol Peletier’s voice as she crossed the short distance between them.

“You all done with the decorating and merry-making?” He continued walking the perimeter forcing Carol to fall into step beside him.

“Nope. I was sent out her to get you to come join us.”

“Someone needs to be on watch.”

“Whether you want to or not Scrooge, you are joining us in the festivities.”

Carol grabbed him by the arm and started tagging him across the grass toward the buildings.

Daryl dug the heels of his boots into the soft ground and tried to shake loose her hold on his arm. “Let me go, damn it!”

Carol turned abruptly and faced him. “Either you come willingly, or I’ll resort to more drastic measures to make you.”

“Oh, really?” Daryl glared at her.

“Try me.”  Carol held her ground, meeting his glare with one of her own.

Moments ticked by as they glared at each other.

Finally, Daryl growled out, “Fine.”

Carol turned and immediately started walking toward the buildings again, trusting that he would follow her. Cursing under his breath, Daryl started after her, and braced himself for what was to come.




Holiday Festivities- Forever Knight Fanfic

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Written for Fandom Stocking 2018

The detectives lounge was a buzz with holiday music and merry-making. Detectives, uniformed officers, and supportive staff mingled together, talking, laughing, and partaking of the delicious assortment of cold cuts, chips, dips, candy, and assorted desserts. Many held Styrofoam cups filled with coffee, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider.

Detective Nick Knight stood in a corner of the lounge observing all the festivities. It gave his unbeating heart good to see his co-workers having fun. So much of their lives were filled with the ugliness and cruelties of humanity.

“Brooding again?” Detective Donald Schanke asked his partner.

“Observing, actually.” Nick corrected his partner with a smile.

“Same thing with you.” Schanke quipped. He slapped Nick on the back. “Come on, Nick, live a little. It’s Christmas. Join in on the festivities. Not often this place party central.”

“Technically, it’s Christmas Eve, eve.” Nick pointed out.

Schanke rolled his eyes. “Semantics. You can stay here and brood. I’m going to go have some fun.”

Nick watched his partner disappear into the crowd and returned to his silent vigil.

“Merry Christmas, Nick.”

Nick turned to see Natalie Lambert standing beside him. The ready smile Nick had on his face widened when he caught sight of the sexy Elf suit the medical examiner wore.

“You look…” he started, but Natalie interrupted him.

“Tread carefully…” She warned him already, having heard one two many not appropriate comments on her way over to the precinct.

” Amazing.”

Natalie blushed. ‘Thanks. I signed up to volunteer at the hospital’s children’s party, before I realized that those in charge decided to give the costumes a makeover. By that time, it was too late for me to back out. Besides, I really love spending time with the kids. I decided to put in an appearance here, before I went to the hospital.”

“Need any help?”

Natalie blinked. ” Really?”

Nick nodded.

“Sure. We can always us another pair of hands.”

“Lead the way then.” Nick gestured toward the door.

Natalie weaved her way through the party attendees, Nick a step behind her. Both called out their goodbyes before exiting the room together.

A Different But Happy Life

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Shadowhunters Fanfic-Written for Fandom Stocking 2018

Alec Lightwood sipped the fruity drink his boyfriend, Magnus Ban had pressed into his hand moments earlier and watched the merry-making going on around him. Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike were enjoying the couple’s Christmas Party.

Parties weren’t really his thing.  Magnus loved throwing them, and he loved Magnus. Being in love with the warlock was introducing him to all kinds of new experiences.

Traveling to exotic places, touring famous sites, staying in fancy resorts, tasting rich delicacies, and a number of interesting past times. He smiled as his mind replayed a few of the most magical and intimate moments between him and Magnus.

Because he was happy, he wanted those closest to him to be happy as well. As if his thoughts had conjured him up, his Parabatai, Jace Herondale, danced by with Clary Fairchild in his arms. It did his heart good to see the love and adoration on Jace’s face as he gazed down into Clary’s. The look on the petite redhead’s face told him that Jace’s feelings were reciprocated.

He couldn’t have picked a better match for Jace. Clary had broken through the walls his Parabatai kept around his heart and showed him what loving someone was really all about.

His eyes strayed off them and onto his younger sisters, Isabelle, and her boyfriend, Simon Lewis. Never in a million years would have paired them together. Isabelle was a beautiful, intelligent, and fierce Shadowhunter. She could have the choice of anyone, but she loved the nerdy, music-loving vampire, and Simon loved her.

As he was in love with a warlock, he couldn’t make fun of his sister’s choice of a mate. Besides, Simon was a loyal friend who’d fought with them in battle against their enemies.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Alec turned with a smile to see Magnus looking at him with a questioning expression on his face. “My thoughts are worth only a penny?”

“The world then?” Magnus smiled at him. “Care to share?”

“I was just thinking about how different my life has become since you entered it.”

“In a good way, I hope?”

Alec’s smile softened as he caught sight of the flicker of doubt that passed over Magnus’s face before it smoothed over into the smile he wore now. He set his drink down on a nearby table before reaching out and grabbing Magnus by the lapel of his emerald green jacket.

“You changed my life in the very best way possible.”

He enunciated the words carefully so that Magnus would hear them clearly.

“In case you haven’t noticed, I am a very happy man. That is because of you, Magnus.”

Before Magnus could respond, Alex pressed his lips to Magnus’s, feeling the familiar jolt of passionate electricity arc through him and into the warlock. Both were breathless when the kiss ended a few moments earlier.

“I love you, Magnus. Don’t ever doubt that.”

Magnus reached up and cupped Alec’s cheek with one slender hand. “I love you too, Alexander.”



A Farscape Celebration

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Farscape Fanfic-Written for Fandom Stocking 2018

John Crichton sat in one corner of the lounge watching his fellow Moya crew members celebrate. It had been his idea to throw a Christmas Party to liven up the gloominess that had settled aboard the leviathan ever since the end of the Peacekeepers War.

He knew most of that stemmed from the grievous loss of D’Argo and Jool. He missed his Luxan best friend daily, and Jool too, but he knew both wouldn’t want them to grieve for too long.

Besides, they had Little D to think about. This was his first Christmas and it didn’t matter that they weren’t on Earth. He wanted his son to experience human things, as well as Sebacean.

Everyone had gotten a kick out of his ‘Santa Claus’ disguise, although he’d given Rygel quite a scare when he made his appearance. Rygel had muttered something about some freak ‘mythical’ creature tales that were used to keep little Hynerians in line.

“Are you all right, John?”

John turned his head and smiled at Aeryn. She was positively glowing with happiness and that did his heart good to see. They’d been through so much together, a lot of it bad, that he was glad they finally had some happy times ahead for them.

He reached out an arm and tugged her toward him, kissing her softly on the mouth. ” I am more than all right. I am great. The war is over, my wife and child are alive and safe, and most of my friends are as well.”

“D’Argo and Jool are with us.” Seryn said softly.

“I know. I fell them here.” John leaned his forehead against hers. “As long as they are in our hearts, they’ll be with us. Speaking of D’Argo’s, where’s Little D?”

“Chiana is singing Nebari lullabies to him. He’s about ready to go to bed and seems enthralled by her voice.” Aeryn told him.

“Let’s hope to hell that they’re really lullabies and not some dirty limericks.” John chuckled. “I do not want Little D’s first word to be ‘frell’.”

Aeryn laughed. “I made it clear to her that if I find out that they are anything but lullabies, I’ll make her life unbearable for the next several monens.”

It was John’s turn to laugh.

“Woman, I love you.”

” I love you too, John.”

Aeryn sat down beside him and leaned her head on John’s shoulder as they watched Noranti and Rygel’s antics as they enjoyed the crew’s special drinks and food, occasionally they caught the sound of Chiana’s voice as she sang Little D to sleep.

Both thinking about the close friends they had lost, but grateful for the ones who remained. All of them were safe and alive, and for the first time ever, their future looked very bright.

Winter Solstice

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Charmed Fanfic-Written for Fandom Stocking 2018

Activity at the Halliwell Manor was winding down for the night. The Winter Solstice party had been a huge success and all three Halliwell sisters were glad it was finally over. Now cleanup was in full swing throughout the house.

Piper Halliwell set the last of the dirty plates into the sink of hot soapy water and sighed.

“Tired?” Leo Wyatt asked, coming up behind his wife and giving her slender shoulders a massage.

Piper moaned appreciatively in response to his tender administrations and leaned back against him. “Oh God, that feels good.”

Leo grinned and bent to nibble her graceful neck as he continued to massage her shoulders.

“You keep doing that and you just might convince me to leave this last load of dishes until tomorrow.”


Piper turned around in his arms draping her soapy hands around his neck and eagerly seeking his mouth with her own.

Leo wrapped his arms around her waist as the kiss deepened, uncaring about the moisture now seeping through the collar of his dress shirt. One kiss led to another until Leo had Piper backed up against the counter and was seriously considering draping her over the top of it when a sudden cry startled them.

“Oh my God! You have a room for that!” Paige Matthews exclaimed as she entered the room carrying a couple of plates and glasses in both her hands.

Piper and Leo broke apart and turned to glare at her with flushed cheeks.

“We were only kissing…” Leo started, but Paige stopped him as she set the fragile things, she carried down on the counter nearest to the sink.

“What you were doing was way past first base Leo, and not something I want to have implanted on my brain every time I come into the kitchen!”

In a huff, she turned and left the kitchen, leaving Leo and Piper alone to share sheepish smiles.

“If she only knew.” Leo commented.

Piper laughed huskily and turned toward the sink of soapy dishes.  “Help me with these and then we can continue where we left off upstairs.”

“All right.”

“Cole…”Phoebe moaned sinking further into the cushions of the couch as her boyfriend, Cole Turner nibbled at her neck, his hands flowing over her black silk covered curves.

Cole grinned against her neck, loving her responses to his administrations, and wondered momentarily if they should move upstairs to continue, but felt himself swept back over into the moment as Phoebe reached up and locked her arms around her neck, bringing him down over the top of her as they continued kissing.


Phoebe and Cole were startled out of their intimate moment by the sound of Paige’s shocked voice exclaiming her name. Cole reluctantly broke away from Phoebe and straightened into a sitting position, helping Phoebe up into one as well.

“What’s with the heavy make-out session in the living room?” Paige asked irritably as she flung herself down into a chair across from the non-remorseful couple. “Can’t you keep the PDA down to a minimum? First Piper and Leo in the kitchen, and now you guys in the living room.”

“If the mood strikes…” Cole said, not at all seeing what the big fuss was about.

Phoebe elbowed him. “Sorry, Paige…we’ll try to keep the PDA down from now on.”

“Thank you.”

Just at that moment, they all heard a female voice call out from upstairs, “Girls? Anyone home?”

“Grams?” Phoebe shot up off the couch, leaving Paige and Cole to trail after her.

They met Piper and Leo at the foot of the stairs.

“You heard her, right?” Phoebe asked her older sister and brother-in-law.

“Grams? Yeah, we heard her.” Piper told her.

“Girls, come up to the attic, hurry.”

They all glanced at each other before starting up the stairs.

Prue paced back and forth before the attic’s solitary stained-glass window. She was anxious to see Piper and Phoebe. A long year without seeing them, being with them, talking to them, and sharing everything with them had been torturous for her. She knew it had been the same for them as well.

And then there was Paige. She had another younger sister she didn’t know. Or at least not in the same way she had known Piper and Phoebe all their lives. She, like their mom and grandmother, had watched over all three of the younger Halliwells over the past year. Watching as the Power of Three was reborn, and Paige came into her powers…but it wasn’t the same thing as being able to talk and spend time with Paige as sisters.

“Relax, Prue.” Andy Trudeau told his wife-to-be.

Prue smiled up at him. “They are going to be so surprised and happy to see you, Andy.”

“Not as much as they are to see you.” Andy kissed her forehead as Grams rushed back into the room.

“They are on their way up.” She announced.

Patty Halliwell, the mother of all four sisters, murmured the last words of a spell, and the whole atmosphere of the attic was changed in a wonderland of flickering candlelight, beautiful bouquets of flowers, and a white iron archway carved with sun and star symbols, and covered with more flowers, appeared in front of the stand that held the family’s cherished Book of Shadows.

A small table in the corner of one room held a small wedding cake, plates, napkins, utensils, and glasses of sparkling champagne.

” Mom, this is beautiful.” Prue blinked back tears as she took in the attic’s transformation.

“You’re getting married, Prue. It had to be special.” Patty walked over to her eldest daughter and took her hand just as the attic door opened and Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Leo, and Cole entered the attic.

All five froze as they first took in the glowing scene before them, before their eyes traveled slowly over Penny, Patty, and finally onto Prue and Andy.

“Prue!” Piper exclaimed hoarsely, tears filling her eyes as she broke into a run toward her older sister.

Phoebe was beside her with Paige following on their heels. Prue met them in the middle of the attic.

“I’ve missed you so much!” She cried as she through her arms around both Piper and Phoebe.

“Not as much as we missed you.” Phoebe said through her tears.

Prue caught sight of Paige standing hesitantly behind them, not sure if she should interrupt her sisters’ reunion or whether she would be welcomed to.  She loosened her arm from around and extended it toward her baby sister.


Piper and Phoebe turned to see a shy smile curve Paige’s lips as she stepped slowly forward. Paige placed a trembling hand into Prue’s and allowed her eldest sister to tug her forward into the welcoming arms of all three of her sisters.

And then she was hugging and crying along with the other three as their mom, grandma, Leo, Andy, and Cole looked on.

Only when the sisters broke apart and wiped the tears from their faces did Piper and Phoebe noticed the tall, dark haired man standing beside the archway smiling at them.

“Andy?” Piper and Phoebe exclaimed together as both moved toward him.

Andy caught them in a fierce hug, wrapping an arm around each of their waists.

“What are you doing here?” Phoebe asked.

“She means how are you here?” Piper corrected before Andy could think they weren’t happy to see him.

“I’m a Whitelighter now.” He revealed.

“What? That’s wonderful!” Phoebe said as Prue came to join them.  “Are you two back together?”

“You could say that.” Prue said. “We’re going to be married.”

“How is that possible?” Piper wanted to know.

“You and Leo made it possible for a lot of things to happen.” Prue said glancing fondly at her brother-in-law over Piper’s head. “Although Andy will spend a lot of time in the corporeal world with his charges, we can live together on the other side.”

“When are you getting married?” Paige asked as she joined them.

“Right here…right now.” Andy informed them, gesturing at the attic. “We couldn’t get married without you being there and the Powers That Be have decided enough time has passed for you girls to finally be reunited with one another.”

“Girls, we’ve got to get the show on the road.” Grams said. “We only have a half hour to go before midnight.”

“What happens at midnight?” Paige asked.

“We have to go back.” Prue said softly.

“No! We haven’t had enough time together yet.”  Phoebe cried.

“Phoebe, we’re going to get to spend more time together.” Prue told her.

“You can’t stay here?” Piper asked.

“No. Like Mom and Grams, I can’t stay on this side, but I promise we’ll get to see each other a lot.” Prue said. “We all watch over and help you guys out whenever we can.”

“Leo’s going to be training me how to be a good Whitelighter.” Andy spoke up. “I’ll be popping in here a lot and Prue will be able to come some of those times.”

“Everybody, take your places.” Patty instructed.

Everyone did as she instructed and within minutes, Prue and Andy were saying their vows.

“Prue, I knew when we reconnected after so many years apart, that you were who I wanted to be with the rest of my life. But I thought that dream died when I did, but I should have had faith that somehow, we’d end up together after all. This new life I’m embarking on is going to be even more worthwhile knowing that you are going to be at my side.” Andy said hoarsely.

“I’ve always loved you, Andy. I stubbornly tried to deny that I did, but I always have. I just wasn’t sure I should ever let myself fall too deep because you didn’t know my secret and I didn’t want to keep any part of my life hidden from you. Then, when you finally knew, I was so relieved…so ready to give myself over to loving you fully…and then I lost you.” Prue choked back a sob and felt Andy’s hold on her hands tighten.

She fought for control of her overwhelming emotions before continuing, “But we’ve been given a second chance and I want to spend every moment of it loving you.”

Grams, who was officiating, blinked back happy tears. “Here before witnesses, Prue and Andy have sworn their vows to each other. With this chord I bind them to those vows.”

“Heart to thee, Body to thee, Always and Forever, so mote it be.” Prue and Andy vowed, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes.”

“So mote it be.” Everyone else exclaimed together.

Then a chorus of ‘Congratulations’ rang out as the newly married couple were swarmed by their family with hugs and kisses.

Amid much laughter, Prue and Andy cut their cake, which everyone enjoyed.  More hugs and kisses were exchanged between everyone as the grandfather clock began to strike midnight. With a longing last look at her sisters, Prue disappeared with Andy beside her. Penny and Patty flashed loving smiles to their remaining family members before disappearing as well.

“I’ll never forget this night.” Paige said softly.

“None of us will.” Piper wrapped an arm around her waist and Phoebe’s as well. “Prue may not be able to be with us the way we wish she can but knowing that she and Andy are together and happy makes me feel better.”

“Me too.” Phoebe agreed as they left the attic together, before calling out their ‘goodnights’ to one another before separating and going to their own bedrooms.






On A Wintry California Night

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Buffy Fanfic-Written for Fandom Stocking 2018

Buffy Summers strolled through the rows of new and old graves in the Sunnydale Cemetery. It was a cool December night, a few short days before Christmas, and so far, it had been mellow. She hadn’t seen a vampire or creepy ghoul or anything else the whole entire time she’d been patrolling.

She kept Mr. Pointy at the ready, nevertheless. Just because the night had been quiet so far, didn’t mean it couldn’t change at any moment.

A slight noise or maybe only her Slayer instinct, warned her that she suddenly wasn’t alone. She scanned the darkened cemetery, looking for any movement, listening intently for the sound of clawed hands digging through layers of dirt, but she saw and heard nothing.

From one breath to the next, she knew someone, or something was behind her. She whirled deftly around, wielding Mr. Pointy, ready to sink the sharpened stake into her prey. A masculine hand shot out and grasped her wrist, blocking her downward strike, giving her a moment to register who or what was attacking her.

Tall, dark, handsome and brooding. A vampire with a soul. One who held her heart. Angel.

“I didn’t mean to startle you.” Angel apologized.

“It’s okay.”

Angel released his hold on her wrist and Buffy quickly put Mr. Pointy away.

Angel smiled. Before Buffy could say anything, he reached out and cupped her face with his hands. He lowered his head and claimed her lips with his own.

Buffy sighed and gave herself over entirely to kissing Angel. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands lowered from her face, so he could wrap his arms around her waist.

Being in Angel’s arms was Heaven. He made her feel loved, cherished, and safe. With Angel she could be vulnerable in ways she could never show to anyone else, including her mom.

Angel couldn’t get enough of her. Buffy was everything he’d ever wanted in a woman.  She was beautiful, intelligent, and fierce. She belonged in his world as much as she belonged in her own.

Even though she was perfectly capable of defending herself, she never hesitated to accept help if it was offered. She was an amazing sparring partner who always challenged his fighting moves. Holding her in his arms, her petite feminine frame pressed close to his much larger one, their lips sealed together in one searing kiss after another, made his desire for her intensify.

Buffy felt ad if she was going up in flames. Heat arced through her body as their kissing intensified and she found herself wishing they were somewhere else than the cemetery.

Too bad the vampires who’d been absentee for most of the night, decided they’d make an appearance just then. One moment Buffy and Angel were in each other’s arms, and next they were standing back to back and fighting for their lives.

Though it was two against many, their combined fighting skills made them an unbeatable team. Soon, their vampire foes were nothing but piles of ashes around their feet.

Buffy flashed Angel an exhilarated smile. Protest she might about her endless duties as the Slayer, she actually enjoyed the adrenaline rush that came after a fight.

Angel grinned back at her. Fighting side by side with Buffy was something he’d never take for granted.

“That was fun.”

“It was. ” She agreed.

He reached out a hand and she slipped hers into it. They linked their fingers together as they left the cemetery. Neither had a plan in mind of where they wanted to go or what they wanted to do for the rest of the night. They just knew they wanted to spend the last hour or so before dawn together…so they did.

Mystery of the Rocky Mountain Locust

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Mystery of the Rocky Mountain Locust

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