Mystical(My Cat)



Eyes of Lime Green

Silky fur, black as coal

Slinky, stealthy stride,

Fiery temper, indomitable pride,

Mischievous spirit, heart of gold.


My Friend

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My Friend
By Wendy Mills
Written July 13, 1997

My friend it’s been too long
Since I wanted to belong,

My Friend it’s been awhile
Since I’ve seen your smile,

My friend it’s been a long time
Since we kissed and touched,

Oh, I miss you so very much!

My friend I miss the times we shared
When I knew how much you cared,

My friend how I long to caress
And feel your tenderness,

My friend it’s been ages
Since we laughed and turned the pages,

My friend I miss you so much
And crave your masculine touch.

Our Friendship

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Our Friendship
By Wendy Mills
Written Aug 9, 1997
The two of us met through our boyfriends, who were brothers,
But now find us with only one another

Because of them we discovered
That there was more than just a cover,

We’ve shared many good times
And some bad one too,

But there’s nothing we can’t get through
As long as we stand together, us two,

I feel stronger knowing you are standing beside me
No matter what comes our way,

We’re bonded together,
As friends forever.

Losing You

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Losing You
By Wendy Mills
Written July 13, 1997

I never thought when you walked out the door
I would never see you anymore

I never dreamed of losing you
I only dreamed of always loving you

You always said you wanted to stay
But instead you turned away

I never felt pain like this before
Until you walked out the door.