Faith is the ingrained understanding and spiritual awareness of God watching over the world, performing miracles, and changing lives everywhere. I know this, because He works miracles in my life on a daily basis. He has been a constant companion to me even when I was not aware of His presence, and I am thankful for that.

Faith has always been a saving point in my life. I have always believed in God even when I did not actively seek to understand and acknowledge Him as my personal savior. It is because of Him, that I believe that I am still alive today.

I was born with a rare illness called Panhypopituitarism. Among the various problems that come along with it, a very weak immunity system was the most severe. I was in and out of the hospital many times during the first ten years of my life, with one childhood illness or another, and faced death more than once.

I remember the scary trips to the hospital, of being extremely sick, the sterile smell, beeping machines, bitter taste of medication, pricks of tiny needles being inserted into my body, blissful unconsciousness, and then waking up and seeing the tearful expressions on the faces of my mother and older sisters. The in between times are muggy to me now, but I can still remember a sense of warmth or light surrounding me, and I believe that God stood beside my bed and healed me.

I had faith even before I really knew what it meant. Now, as an adult, with years of experience and soul searching, I truly understand what faith is. Not only is it a spiritual understanding, but it is also a state of mind as well. Faith is awakening your mind to seeing something that is not visible to the naked eye. It is something that I have come to depend on more every day, as the world around me falls farther into chaos and devastation, or my own life turns topsy-turvy. Faith helps me to face new challenges and obstacles in my life with a positive attitude, and to live it as fully as I can.