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A Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fanfic


Michaela Quinn let out a bloodcurdling scream and fell wearily back against the pillows, gasping out, “I can’t…I can’t do this anymore.”

“Yes, you can, “Sully encouraged firmly, but gently, brushing moistened strands of her glorious hair away from her flushed face. He gazed down into her bi-colored eyes, “You’re doing it right now.”

“That’s what you said to me when I was having Katie,” Michaela flashed him a crooked smile just as another contraction struck.

She clutched Sully’s hand, gritting her teeth against the pain, her sole focus on the arduous task at hand. Sully stayed with her, coaxing her through the contractions, being the steadfast support she needed, while she labored to bring their child into the world.

“You’re doing great Ma,” Colleen dabbed Michaela’s forehead with a damp cloth, “Any minute now and we’re going to be welcoming a new baby brother or sister into the family.”

Michaela nodded, concentrating on the work still ahead, and bit down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming, as another, harder, contraction hit her, and “The baby’s coming…I have to push!”

“Push Michaela!” Andrew instructed from his position at the foot of the table, “Push!”

Michaela let out another scream as she bore down with all her might. Moments later, her hard work was rewarded by the healthy cry of her newborn baby.

“You did it, Michaela, you did it,” Sully kissed her, and then pressed his forehead against hers, whispering words of endearment to her, while they waited for Colleen and Andrew to finish fussing over the new addition to their family.

“Here you go, Pa,” Colleen’s smile was bright and her dark eyes moist, as she approached Sully with the small bundle in her arms, “I’d like you to meet your new daughter, and my little sister.”

Sully’s eyes moistened as he settled his new daughter into the crook of one arm, and used the other to hug Colleen to him, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Pa,” Colleen blinked back tears as Sully turned toward Michaela so she could see their blessed gift, “Another beautiful daughter to take after her ma and older sisters.”

Happy tears fell from Michaela’s eyes as she saw her new daughter for the first time. She reached out a shaky hand and ran a finger lightly down the side of the baby’s soft cheek, “She looks like Katie.”

“Yes, she does,” Sully agreed.

Colleen and Andrew hugged, beaming as Sully and Michaela got acquainted with their new daughter. Tenderly, Andrew placed a hand on Colleen’s swelling stomach and wondered what it would feel like to hold his own child in his arms. Fortunately for him, he wouldn’t have long to wait.

“I suppose I better go introduce our sweet girl to her older brothers before they barge in here wanting to know what’s going on,” Sully kissed Michaela and moved toward the door with his new daughter tucked securely in the folds of his arms.

“Don’t stay outside too long,” Andrew cautioned, “It’ll be cool now that night has set and we don’t want her to take a chill.”

Sully nodded and opened the clinic door. Matthew swung toward the door, stopping in mid pace, while Brian jumped up from the bench set against the wall. Both young men’s eyes focused instantly on the tiny bundle in their pa’s arms, broad smiles blossoming on their faces.

“Brian, Matthew, I’d like you to meet your new little sister, Josefina Marjorie, we’ll call her Josie for short.”

Matthew and Brian crowded close so they could get their first looks at their baby sister. Father and sons beamed down at little Josie, completely taken over by her angelic features.

The door opened to reveal Colleen, “Better bring her back inside Pa.”

“Alright, “Sully turned toward the door with Josie, when, from inside all of them heard Michaela let out another blood-curdling scream.

“Colleen, get in here! I need you!” Andrew’s urgent voice sent fear slicing through all of them as Colleen whirled around and slammed the door shut behind her.

Sully hurriedly handed Josie to Matthew and moved toward the door, intending to go inside, only to find that Colleen had locked it, “Michaela!”

He jiggled the doorknob and pounded on the door. “Colleen, let me in! Michaela!”

“Pa stop! Colleen and Andrew don’t need to be distracted right now!” Matthew, having passed Josie to Brian, placed a restraining hand on Sully’s shoulder and tried to make him see reason, “Ma’s going to be fine! She’s got the best care she could possibly have right now!”

Sully nodded, turning away from the door, only to lunge at it a second later when he heard his wife let out another agonizing scream. Matthew grabbed his pa and tried to pull him away from the door, but Sully wouldn’t be budged, “Michaela!”

Minutes passed and it took all Sully’s restraint not to bust open the door and go inside. Just when he had decided he couldn’t wait any longer to find out whether Michaela was all right or not, the door opened abruptly, causing Sully and Matthew to fall forward, almost knocking Colleen down. They righted themselves, and gazed down into Colleen’s upturned face.

Tears streamed freely down her face and Sully felt a cold hand grip his chest. Matthew sucked in a breath, and Brian fought back tears as all three men prepared themselves for the bad news Colleen was about to tell them.

“Michaela, no,” Sully whispered hoarsely.

Colleen, hearing her pa’s heart-wrenching words, was quick to put him at ease, “Ma’s fine, Pa. You can go see her, she has-,”

Sully didn’t wait for Colleen to finish speaking, too anxious was he to see Michaela and discern for himself that she was really all right. He was across the room and to her side in a few long strides.

“Michaela, are you alright?” He asked, his eyes traveling over her, skimming across the small bundle cradled in her arms without registering what it was, before settling on her tired, flushed face.

“We’re wonderful.” Michaela assured him.

Relief flooded over him, a moment before her words hit him. He gave her a puzzled look, “We’re?”

It was at that moment the bundle in Michaela’s arms let out a wail. Sully startled at the sound, glanced down to gaze in wonderment at the swaddled baby in his wife’s arms. Another wail echoed the first, this one coming from somewhere behind him, and he turned to see Brian holding Josie, standing beside Colleen and Matthew. All three of them were smiling.

“Twins?” He stated, shooting a questioning look in Andrew’s direction.

“I’m just as surprised as you are Sully,” Andrew said, “There was no indication throughout Michaela’s pregnancy of a dual heartbeat.”

“How is that possible?” Sully questioned.

“Sometimes one baby hides behind the other and it’s hard to detect his or her presence,” Michaela explained, “Guess our little girl wanted to surprise us?”

“Another girl?” Sully asked.

“You aren’t disappointed are you?” Michaela asked anxiously.

“No,” Sully was quick to assure her, “We have three fine sons, and now we’ve been blessed with two more beautiful girls to join their older sisters. I was just wondering what we’re going to name this little darling since we only picked out a name for one baby.”

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that,” Michaela said, gazing down into the cherubic face of the daughter she held, “I don’t think Ezra or Byron is an appropriate name for a little girl.”

“Why don’t we name her after you Ma?” Brian suggested.

“No,” Michaela protested, “One Michaela in the family is enough.”

“I love your name,” Sully said, reaching out to lift his youngest daughter from her arms, “How about we call her Annie then? Annie Michaela?”

“Annie IS a pretty name,” Michaela admitted. She glanced at her three oldest children, “What do you all think?”

“I like it,” Matthew said.

“Me too,” Colleen agreed.

“So do I,” Brian added.

Sully gestured for Brian to bring him Josie. Brian did as his pa suggested, and with a little shuffling around, soon both babies were held securely in the arms of their pa. As he gazed down into the tiny faces of his newest offspring, Sully was overcome by emotion, “Welcome into our hearts and lives Annie and Josie. Your ma and I, along with your older brothers and sisters, already love you so very much.”

He leaned over so that Michaela could give each of their daughters a kiss on their tiny foreheads. In a reverent voice she said, “Thank you God for blessing Sully and I with the wonderful gift of two more healthy, perfect, and beautiful little girls.”



A Special Day

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A Dr. Quinn Fanfic

Chapter 1

Charlotte Cooper bent down before the large black stove in her kitchen and removed two round cake pans. Sweet scented steam wafted up from the dark tops of the cakes as Charlotte placed them onto the countertop to cool. She then closed the oven door and returned to the task of peeling potatoes for mashing. Running the only boarding house in Colorado Springs was a time consuming at best and required a lot of hard work on her part and that of her three children as well. There were always rooms to clean, linens to wash, meals to prepare, animals to be fed, garden to be tended and boarders fussing to listen to. Although her life was hard one, Charlotte could always find something to be thankful for in each day that passed. Charlotte knew that most of the things that she found worthy of thanking the Lord for were the three miracles he had blessed her life with: Matthew, 15, Colleen, 12, and 7-year-old. They were the only good things that had come from her marriage to Ethan.

Not wanting to dredge up any unhappy memories, Charlotte instead concentrated on how happy Brian was going to be with his birthday festivities. Chocolate cake with caramel frosting was his favorite as was the roasted chicken, ears of corn, mashed potatoes and buttermilk biscuits. If it had only been the four of them eating then that simple meal would have been enough to feed them. Right now though she had three full-time boarders who paid an extra quarter a day for meals and so she’d added squash, fresh berries in cream and two apple pies for dessert.

She and the children and a few family friends would celebrate Brian’s birthday after the boarders retired to their rooms for the evening when she had all the potatoes peeled, washed and quartered, Charlotte placed them in a pot of salt water on the back of the stove. Next she moved onto kneading the bread dough and biscuits. She glanced up at the clock above the stove and wondered what was keeping collar and Brian at school.

Seven-year-old Brian cooper sat on the steps of the building that served both as the church and school to the citizens of Colorado Springs. He brushed back a strand of his sandy blond hair from his face and wandered what was keeping Colleen so long. He was anxious to get home in time to watch his ma frost his cake. As he sat and waited his mind danced with images of the toys he hoped were among the gifts he would get for his birthday: the two-toned spinning top that spun by itself, the shiny black engine, mesh bag of marbles, silver penknife and wooden checkers. Thoughts of toys left him as he went over the presents he was sure he’d get: a pair of new pants, shirt, writing tablet, pencils, new primer or dime novel.

He was just about to get up and start for home when Colleen came out of the church and bounded down the stairs. She paused as the bottom of the stairs long enough to tell him to hurry and started down the path that led into town. Brian jumped up and hurried to catch up with her.

“What took ya so long?”  Brian asked when he caught up to her.

“I had to ask Rev. Johnson for help on figuring out a horrid math problem that he assigned as homework.” Colleen explained as they walked.

“As smart as ya are why ya got to study?” Brian said.

“I’m smart ‘cause I do my homework. You do yours and maybe you’ll be smart too.” Colleen assured them as they neared the boarding house.

“Brian, oh Brian.” An older male voice called from behind them.

Brian and Colleen turned around to see Loren Bray, the owner of the General Store, walking toward them.  Mr. Bray was one of the older citizens in Colorado Springs and was looked on by the Cooper children, especially Brian as a surrogate grandfather. In his grizzled hands Mr. Bray held a funnel shaped package in one hand and a square one in the other. As he neared the siblings Mr. Bray held out the two packages to Brian.

“Happy Birthday Brian.” Mr. Bray said.

Brian’s face lit up as he took the packages from Mr. Bray. “Thanks Mr. Bray.” Brian exclaimed and flung his arms around the older man’s neck.

Mr. Bray grew flustered at the embrace and awkwardly patted Brian on the back. Then he drew away from Brian. “I’d best be getting on back to the store. See to it that you don’t eat all that candy at one time.”

“I won’t.” Brian called after him.

Chapter 2

Charlotte looked up from the chicken she was basting as Brian and Colleen entered the boarding house through the kitchen door. At the questioning look her ma gave them Colleen spoke.

“Sorry we’re late ma. I had to ask Rev. Johnson for some help with a math problem. I’ll go put my stuff in my room and come help you straight away.”

Before Charlotte could answer Colleen exited the kitchen and dashed down the hallway toward her bedroom. Charlotte finished basting the chicken, closed the oven door and straightened up

“Look ma, Mr. Bray gave them to me.” Brian said excitedly, showing her his presents. “Can I open them?”

“Don’t you think you should wait until we’re celebrating your birthday?” Charlotte questioned.

Brian thought a moment. “I think I’ll wait. Can Mr. Bray have cake and milk with us?”

“You can go ask him if you want.” Charlotte replied. “Tell him we’ll be having it around seven o’clock.”

“Right now?” Brain asked.

Charlotte smiled. “Go on. But I want you to come right back. You still have chores that need doing.”

“Yes’m.” Brian said hurrying out the door.

Charlotte watched him go and gave an inner groan as she realized that he hadn’t closed the door. She crossed to the door and closed it just as Colleen returned to the kitchen. Colleen took an apron down from a peg in the wall and tied it around her waist. Seeing the fresh squash on the cutting clock, she immediately picked up the knife and began slicing it for boiling. Mother and daughter worked in companionable silence as they finished preparations for supper.

Brian returned a short time later wearing a wide grin and happily reported that Mr. Bray would be over for cake. Charlotte put him to work setting the table and then hauling in milk, butter and other items in from the cold pit out back. Then as she and Colleen began to place dishes onto the table, Charlotte sent Brian upstairs to alert their boarders that supper was ready. Soon all the food was on the table, the boarders were seated and so were Charlotte, Colleen and Brian. Charlotte wondered briefly what was keeping Matthew from arriving home and decided that they wouldn’t wait for him to start eating.

Chapter 3

Charlotte had barely said grace and everyone began serving themselves, when Olive Bray hurried into the dining room. Fear rose up inside of Charlotte as Olive beckoned to her and then left the room quickly. Charlotte rose from her chair and started out of the room after Olive, instructing Colleen and Brian to continue their meal.  Matthew had been working as a wrangler on Olive’s ranch for the past year and a half and had suffered many minor injuries during as a result to his job. Charlotte lived with a constant fear that the next time he was injured it would be much more serious. Added to that fear was the reality that Colorado Springs didn’t have a doctor as yet and she would be left to care for her son’s injuries as best she could.

She arrived in the hallway just in time to see Olive knock once, then twice on Matthew’s closed bedroom door. She joined Olive just as it opened and Matthew himself stood in the doorway. Relief flooded through Charlotte as she and Olive was ushered quickly the room and Matthew closed the door behind them.

“What’s all the secrecy about?” Charlotte inquired. “Olive scared me nearly to death barging in like she did and acting so mysteriously.”

Olive laughed. “And it showed. “I’m sorry Charlotte but Matthew swore me to secrecy and so I had to come up with some way to catch your attention.”

“Well you sure caught it.” Charlotte replied. “So are you going to let me in on what’s going on?”

“Sure Ma. The past couple of weeks that I have come home late from Miss Olive’s were not exactly working. Well I was working on something, just not wrangling. I was working on this.” Matthew said crossing over to the table where a large bundle lay covered by a sheet. He reached out and grabbed a length of cotton in his fist and pulled the sheet off of what it covered.

A full-scale model of Colorado Springs sprawled out over the table.  All the buildings were there, along with carved stick figures of people and animals. Each building was detailed to look exactly like the buildings on Main Street down to the tiny signs above them. The only difference that Charlotte could see was the miniature train set that ran a complete circle around the town by a shiny engine. Tears filled her eyes as she looked at the gift that her oldest son had made for his brother. It filled her heart immensely to see how well her children got on with one another and loved each other.

Catching sight of the tears shining in his ma’s eyes as she looked up from the model and over at him, Matthew misinterpreted them and hastened to apologize for not telling her the truth about what he was doing.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner Ma. I just didn’t know if I’d get it done in time. I did have to spend some of my wages on nails and cloth and paint, but Aunt Olive bought the engine and train track and-“

Charlotte hurried to put him at ease. “No, it’s okay. It’s beautiful Matthew. Brian’s gonna be thrilled. Now why don’t we go eat before supper gets cold?”

“I am rather hungry.” Matthew admitted.

Olive seconded his announcement and the threesome made their way to the dining room and joined the others at the table.

Chapter 4

Once the table was cleared of supper dishes, the leftover food put away, and the boarders retired to their rooms for the night, preparations for celebrating Brian’s birthday began. Matthew took Brian off to Brian’s room to play a game of cards while the decorating was being done. A special tablecloth was laid upon the table along with Charlotte’s best china, glasses and coffee cups. A fresh pot of coffee was brewed for the adults and then placed on a hot pad on the table next to a pitcher of cold milk.  Charlotte set the cake down before Brian’s place at the table and then Colleen was sent to get Matthew and Brian. Mr. Bray arrived precisely at seven o’clock and on his rear came the mountain man Sully and his wolf.

Brian was given the seat of honor as the others gathered around to sing “Happy Birthday” to him. Then the cake was cut and past out, to which many compliments on how good it was heaped at Charlotte.  His eyes took in the huge stack of presents that awaited his opening and quickly finished his cake. He selected the package that Mr. Bray had given to him besides the one that held candy and he tore into it. Out popped the two-toned top he had been dreaming about earlier. One by one he unwrapped his presents, always being mindful to thank the person who had given it to him, until all the presents were opened. Along with the candy and top he had received from Mr. Bray, were a pair of pants, shirt, tablet and pencils he received from his Ma, he got a hand-carved whistle from Sully and a book about Tom Sawyer from Colleen. It wasn’t until all the gifts were opened that he realized that he hadn’t received a present from Matthew or their Aunt Olive.

As Matthew left the room, Olive drew a handkerchief from her skirt and tied it around Brian’s head, over his eyes. Matthew returned to the dining room a few minutes later carrying his present, to which those who hadn’t seen it yet let out gasps of surprise. Matthew lowered the miniature town onto the table in front of Brian and gestured to Olive to remove Brian’s blindfold.  Just as he had hoped, Brian let out a loud “Wow” and climbed up onto his chair to examine his gift more closely. He surveyed the town with a careful eye and quickly located the buttons that operated the train.

“Thanks Matthew.” Brian exclaimed, throwing his arms around his older brother. “Thanks everybody for making this my best birthday ever!”


The End










An Engaging Christmas

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A Charmed Fanfic

An Engaging Christmas

Halliwell Manor was decorated inside and out with sparkling bright lights, pine garlands and wreaths, mistletoe, and other decorations. Inside the Victorian home owned by the Charmed Ones, festive holiday music played on the stereo, the tantalizing aroma of baked good filled the air, as well as the sound of many voices merrily chatting with one another.

Phoebe Halliwell, decked out in a skintight red sequined gown, nibbled daintily on a frosted sugar cookie as she glanced around her. Her eyes traveled over the hundred or so party attendees, all dressed to the nines in multi-hued attire, and wondered where her boyfriend Cole Turner had disappeared to.

She had seen him arrive at the manor a short time earlier, but she had been dancing with her brother-in-law Leo at the time. Since she had dragged Leo onto the dance floor, she couldn’t very well abandon him in the middle of the song they were dancing to.

But she was anxious to see Cole. He had given her no hint on what he had gotten her for Christmas and she was dying of curiosity. As a child she had often gotten into trouble by her mom and Grams for snooping around the house for birthday and Christmas presents.


She turned to see Cole standing beside her. He was dressed in a dark suit, his hair slicked back, and looked sexy as hell.

“I’ve been looking for you.” Phoebe smiled at him.

“Here I am. “Cole drew her into his arms and kissed her.

“Mmm…” Phoebe sighed as the kiss ended. “You’re forgiven for being late.”

“Good.” Cole took her by the hand and led her toward the staircase.

“We have guests Cole.” Phoebe protested, but she didn’t stop him from leading her into their bedroom.

He paused outside the closed door to slip a hand over her eyes, much to Phoebe’s surprise, and then opened the door. Cole propelled Phoebe forward into their room before closing the door behind them and removing his hand from her eyes.

Phoebe blinked, taking in the multitude of lighted candles that had been placed sporadically around the room. The flickering light cast the room in a romantic glow. On the dresser set a bottle of champagne chilling in a silver ice bucket. Beside it were two crystal goblets.

“This is beautiful Cole.” Phoebe said, turning to face him. “Is this what you were doing when you disappeared after your arrival here tonight?”

“Yes.” Cole got down on one knee and took out a black velvet jeweler’s box from his pocket. “Phoebe, you turned my world upside down the moment you came into it. You tempt me, challenge me, and make me want to be the best man a half-demon like me could be. I want to spend the rest of my life with you at my side, fighting demons, and loving each other. Phoebe, will you marry me?”

Phoebe felt tears well up in her eyes as emotion swelled within her. Marriage. Cole was asking her to marry him. She didn’t know if she was ready to be a wife yet, but she knew she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

“Yes Cole, I’ll marry you.” She told him happily, her voice hoarse with emotion.

Cole’s anxious eyes lit up with joy as he slipped the 1 carat heart shaped diamond onto her ring finger. Then he rose to his feet and swept her into his arms for a passionate kiss.

The Christmas party going on downstairs was forgotten as the newly engaged couple were swept away by their love for one another.


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A Charmed Fanfic


She had known that there was a real possibility that some day one of her sisters or herself would lose their powers permanently. Whether it was during a battle with a particularly nasty warlock or some other supernatural being she didn’t know. She had never considered that her powers would be stripped from her permanently by the Powers That Be.

What kind of injustice was that? After all the sacrifices she and her sisters had made in their lives for the greater good of mankind. She had already lost her mom, Penny, and her older sister, Prue, to the ongoing fight all Halliwell’s waged against evil. Who else was she going to lose?

It was not fair. Who was she without her powers? How was the Charmed Ones supposed to survive without one of them having their powers? Her powers weren’t defensive ones like Piper or Paige’s but they were active and useful. She could not recall how many lives she and her sisters had saved because of one of her premonitions?

“Why?” Phoebe shouted up to the Heavens. “Why are you doing this to me? How am I supposed to help my sisters protect innocents when I don’t have my powers anymore? I’m a good witch, damn it! I know I made a mistake casting that vanquishing spell on that supernatural creep in such an open space, but I just couldn’t stand there and let it kill that innocent child could I?”

There was no response to her impassioned pleas and Phoebe felt scalding hot tears flood her eyes as she lowered her head in defeat. She threw herself onto her bed and wept. Overwhelming loss flooded over her, consuming her, terrifying her.

How long did they have before warlocks and other supernatural bad guys found out that the Charmed Ones no longer held such a magical threat for them? How soon would she have to watch as another one of her beloved sisters died in battle and she was unable to do anything to help them? What if she lost Paige, Piper, Leo, Wyatt or Chris? What was she suppose to do without them? How could the Powers That Be just stand by and let her family be taken from her because they had stripped her of her powers?

Phoebe was unaware that her impassioned pleas to the Powers That Be had been overheard by her sisters. They stood on the other side of her locked door and listened with troubled, angry hearts to Phoebe’s obvious pain. They were just as stunned and outraged that the Powers That Be had stripped her of her powers because she had risked exposure to them all in being spontaneous with saving an innocent’s life. They were not about to take this newest turn of events in stride. Either the Powers That Be gave their sister back their powers or they could go find someone else to save the world. The Halliwell sisters were through being the magical scapegoats.

“Let’s do it.” Paige said, she grabbed Piper’s hand and orbed them into Phoebe’s room.

They crawled onto the bed on either side of Phoebe, spooning her much the way they had after she had helped them vanquish Cole, and Phoebe was glad to have them there. Just knowing that her sisters were close gave her comfort.

“We’re going to get your powers back, Phoebe.” Piper told her quietly, but firmly.

“How?” Phoebe asked tearfully.

“Give them an ultimatum they would be stupid to refuse.” Paige said. “Either they give you your powers back or we walk away from our destiny. Let’s see just how they deal with the supernatural baddies without their pet witches to step in and save the day.”

“No!” Phoebe protested. “You can’t…I don’t want that!”

“This is our choice, Phoebe.” Piper stated calmly. “Either they give you back your powers or they lose all of us.”

Phoebe gazed from one sister to the other; saw the identical set of resolved expressions on Piper and Paige’s faces, and knew that arguing with them was pointless. Her sisters’ support meant the world to her, and regardless of what happened next, she knew that they would stand by her.





In a Dark Cemetery

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A Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fanfic

“Merry Christmas Mom.” Buffy Summers spoke softly, kneeling down in front of her mother’s snow covered grave. She set the vibrant red poinsettia,that she carried, on top of the grave marker. “Dawn and I are doing…okay. It’s been rough learning to live without you.”

Tears flooded her eyes and slid soundlessly down her cheeks. She hung her head and wept. Here, alone at her mother’s grave, was the only place she felt safe to cry anymore.

She had to be strong for Dawn. She had to let her younger sister know that they were going to be okay without their mom. Much like Slayering, she had to pretend that she knew what the hell she was doing. It was what her mom would want her to do.

Thankfully, she wasn’t alone. All the Scoobies had rallied around her. Giles was as steadfast as ever. Willow, Xander, and Tara had stepped up to help her and Dawn in anyway they could. Anya, too. She was grateful for their love and support, but felt the pressure of maintaining a strong persona with them as well.

She was the Slayer. She had to be strong. She had to clamp down on her emotions so they wouldn’t know how lost and scared and alone she really felt without her mom.

Only one person had ever made her feel safe enough to speak freely about anything she was feeling, and he no longer lived in Sunnydale.


Buffy froze. She shook her head. Her turbulent thoughts must have conjured up his voice speaking her name. She had only just succeeded in convincing herself that she was alone in the cemetery, when she felt the presence of someone behind her.

She leaped to her feet in a fluid motion, and spun around, Mr. Pointy gripped in her right hand. A masculine arm blocked her swing, and a hand gripped her wrist, stopping it in mid-motion.

Buffy looked up and found herself face to face with the man who haunted her dreams, tormented her soul, and was the keeper of her heart. “Angel?”

“Yeah Buffy, it’s me.”

Buffy pulled free of his hand and threw herself at him. Angel opened his arms to welcome her into them, and wrapped her tightly in his embrace. He held her as she wept for the mother she missed so much and would never see again.

Being in Angel’s arms again felt so right. He made her feel so safe, loved, and protected. She breathed in his familiar earthy scent, and wished she could stay in his embrace forever.

Angel felt his passions stir, breathing in her delicate musky scent, cherishing the feel of her petite frame against his own. Even after all this time apart, the torch he carried for her burned just as bright as it ever had. Their love was eternal and no amount of distance between them or time apart would ever change that.

After what seemed like hours, but was only a few moments, Buffy drew slowly back so she could look up into Angel’s face. Angel lowered his head toward hers and met Buffy’s eagerly upturned mouth with his own.

Angel’s eyes slid shut in sweet bliss at tasting Buffy again. She was the sweet nectar that he craved. Buffy pressed herself close to him again, her hands reaching up to twine in his hair as their kiss deepened, and it was with some reluctance, and a lot of regret, that Angel broke their embrace a few moments later.

He stalked a few feet away as he fought for control of his desires. Buffy rubbed her arms together, a fine tremor running over her body that had nothing to do with the cold, and everything to do with Angel pulling away from her.

Angel returned to her side a few moments later. “I’m sorry…maybe it was a mistake to come back to Sunnydale. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how hard this first Christmas without your mom was going to be for you. The more I thought about you, the more I needed to see you. And well, here I am.”

“I understand.” Buffy said, appreciating his honesty, even as his words stung a little.

Angel hadn’t left Sunnydale because he didn’t love her anymore. He left because he knew it was the best thing for them both. The dreaded Gypsy curse he was under meant that they could never be intimate with each other ever again. Angelus had reared his ugly fanged face one time too many already, and it had been disastrous. Neither of them wanted to see what would happen a second time around.

Buffy reached out and took his hands in hers. “I thought I had conjured you up. I was thinking about you and wishing you were here, and then suddenly you were. No matter how hard it is going to be to say goodbye to you again, I’m so glad you came Angel.”

“We have a few hours before I have to leave,” Angel told her. “So let’s make the best of them.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Buffy said.

Together they walked hand in hand toward the cemetery exit, each content in the knowledge that for at least for a few hours, they were together again.

By The Flickering Light

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A Bitten/Women of the Otherworld Fanfic


I jumped, and let out a very girlish squeal, having been so caught up in my reflections, that I didn’t hear him approach. I turned to glare at Clay as he sat cross-legged on the floor beside me.

“You trying to give me a heart attack?” I exclaimed.

Clay snorted. “Not my fault you didn’t sense me walkin’ up behind you.”

“True.” I smiled at him.

A look of astonishment crossed over his handsome features. “Wait. Did I just win an argument?”

“Don’t push your luck.” I snapped. “ What are you doing down here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Clay grinned at her.” I came lookin’ for you, Darlin’.”

“Afraid I’d run away during the night?” I asked.

Clay hesitated, before answering. “Maybe.”

Pain filled me at his admission. He had a right to wonder if I was going to run away again. I had done so more times than I cared to think about. At least one of those had been in the middle of the night too.

“I’m sorry.”


“All the running away. All the times I made you doubt if I would ever come back. If I would ever forgive you or that I ever loved you.”

My apology seemed to floor him.

“I’m sorry for so many things too. For betrayin’ your trust. For makin’ you feel trapped and suffocated. For makin’ you feel like your feelings weren’t important.” Clay said softly.

“Thank you.” His apology meant everything to me. “ I want you to know that I’m done running.”

“Elena, you don’t have to…” Clay started, but I pressed my finger to his lips to quiet him.

“Listen Clay, please.” I removed my finger from his lips. “I’m ready to fully accept who I am now. I am a werewolf, and even if I didn’t choose this life, it is the only one I have. I now know that you bit me to save my life, and I forgive you. I belong in Bear Valley. Stonehaven is my home. The Pack is my family. And…”

Emotions overwhelmed me. Tears filled my eyes and spilled onto my cheeks.I lowered my head as I worked to gain control of them. “I want to be with you Clay. Now and forever. You are my soulmate and I love you.”

“I love you too Elena.” Clay’s voice was hoarse with emotion. “I want you here with me, Darlin’. But are you sure? I’m not an easy man to live with. My basic instincts aren’t goin’ to change. I’m goin’ to be overbearin’ and overprotective, especially when there’s a threat near. I’m goin’ to want to keep you close.”

“And I’m going to be just as hot-headed, opinionated, and emotional too.” I admitted, wiping the tears from my face with the backs of my hands. “We’re going to fight and I’m going to want to smash your face into the wall. We’re never going to have the white picket fence kind of life Clay. But I believe that we can create our own version of it. Do you?”

“It’s what I’ve always wanted Elena.” Clay reached for me then and I went willingly into his arms.

We made love by the flickering light of the fire. Tender caresses giving way to fiery need. Our bodies casting intertwining shadows over the walls, as we cherished one another, and rejuvenated our spirits. I didn’t know what Fate had in mind for Clay and I, but I knew that no matter what came our way, we would face it together.











Hooded Thoughts

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A Bitten/Women of the Otherworld Fanfic

I awoke the moment I felt Elena’s soft, sensuous body ease away from my own. I felt her roll into a sitting position on her side of my bed. I opened my eyes in time to see her slip off the mattress and onto the hardwood floor. I watched as she dressed slowly in the clothing she had discarded before we went to bed, enjoying the peep show, until the material of her shirt and jeans covered her feminine curves.

She padded to the door and opened it. I quickly closed my eyes as she cast a glance back at the bed, before slipping out into the hallway, and closing the door behind her. It took everything in me to stay frozen in bed and not run after her to make sure she didn’t leave Stonehaven.

I was trying really hard not to crowd Elena. I was trying to give her all the space she needed, hoping with all my heart that this time she would choose to stay at Stonehaven. That she would choose to stay not only with the pack, but with me as well.

I wanted to believe in what she told me after the Mutt uprising was true. That whatever Fate had in store for the Pack, that we would all face it together. I wanted to believe that this time when she said the words, that they were true.

It was hard though. In one way or another, over the years since she had become a werewolf, Elena had made that promise to me. But something would happen, she and I would get into another fight or she did something in defense of the pack, that would horrify her, and she would be off and running again.

This last year of separation had been brutal. Not only did Jeremy forbid me from visiting her in Toronto, but he had forbade me to even call her. Meets would come and go, and Elena never came to them. Birthdays and holidays had come and gone, and still no Elena.

Finally, I had to face the very real probability that I would never see Elena again. That she did intend to live herself separate from the pack, and Jeremy would be forced to declare her a Mutt.

I had nearly gone insane with despair. I could not imagine my life without Elena in it. With every fiber of my being I loved her. She was the perfect woman for me. My soul mate. That was why I had risked everything to save her life on that fateful day.

I knew I could not do as Jeremy asked of me. I could not kill her. I could not kill the woman who had from the first day we met, turned my innards inside out, and my world upside down.

But by biting her, I had betrayed Elena’s trust, and I don’t know if she will ever be able to forgive me. I know that Jeremy had told her why I had done it, and she had come to me, and told me that she knew the truth at last. That I had bitten her to save her life.

In her actions, more than her words, over the past couple of days, she had shown me such love and tenderness, despite her grief over Philip’s death, and losing our Pack members. It made me want to believe that maybe, just maybe, Elena really intended to stay at Stonehaven this time. With me.



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